Supernatural Anyone want to rp?

yellowfang7 posted on Jun 09, 2013 at 02:55PM
Alice's red hair fell across her face more the normal. Her bright green eyes eyed the demon, who walked around her tied up self slowly. The demon caught her off guard alright. She looked to the floor where her silver bullet gun and silver knife layed. She hissed as the demon cut at her arms. "Now tell me, where are Sam and Dean Winchester?" It had said that repeatedly, but no matter how much it asked Alice wouldn't answer. The demon finally looked annoyed and the knife was held on her neck. A great hunter Alice was but she knew no way to get outta this one. "HELP ME SOMEONE!" She cried and the demon laughed. "No one can hear you. Now tell me where are Sam and Dean Winchester....?"

((Rp as Dean or Sam, or anyone really, oc's are fine too, whatever you want c: ))

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