Supernatural Season 11 finale thoughts

junger84 posted on Nov 01, 2015 at 08:07AM
So I'm sure season 11 has already been fully written and filmed, but an ending that I thought would be full of so many emotions fighting the darkness here is my idea. So many times dean and Sam have fought everything alone with the occasional help from crowly, castiel, Charlie and a few others. What if when it can time to fight the darkness, the darkness had dean and Sam on the ropes what looked like a sure death for the both of them. But all of a sudden sam's prayers are finally answered as a big flash of blinding light fills the screen and when the light finally disappears, the darkness is surrounded in a circle by the likes of bobby, Charlie, the winchesters parents, castiel, God and all of there friends/hunters who have passed away form a big circle around the darkness. Sam and dean looking ever so shocked and filled with emotions not sure what's happening, San and dean join the circle of loved ones destroy the darkness and put it back in its cage where it belongs. A few words are said between Sam and dean and all of the lost family throughout the show then they say there goodbyes and disappear into the light smiling and happy. Then all that's left is Sam dean and what we can assume is God himself and boom it ends with them staring at this god shocked and unsure what to say. And scene end of season 11. Lol I've been thinking about this a lot it may look different in my head and I haven't exactly thought of a way they actually kill the darkness just a general idea. Thanks for reading!!

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