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 SPN nukuu karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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Im sorry I can't add pictures because I'm typing this from my iPod but I'll add the lookalikes names and wewe can look them up :)

* means that they look nearly EXACTLY like their lookalikes

Javier Bardem looks EXACTLY like Jeffrey Dean morgan (John Winchester)* Also Robert Downey Jn.

Jared Padalecki(Sam Winchester) apparently looks like Nick Wechsler (im sorry ealier on I wrote he looked like Neil Wechsler kwa accident lol, if u want to end up in hysterics tafuta neil wechsler up lol)

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)-link and Emilio Eztevez (only a teeny bit though)

Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)-...
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1. Kripke’s original concept was a series which centered around a pair of reporters who travel across the country investigating urban legends for a newspaper column. In fact, the series wouldn’t have even been named Supernatural – early drafts were written under the title Unnatural.

2. In the original draft of the Supernatural pilot, Kripke’s plan was for the brothers to find their dad dead on the ceiling – not their mom!

3. The truth is that Ackles initially auditioned for the role of Sam Winchester, not Dean! As it turns out, it wasn’t until Padalecki auditioned for the role of...
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Now I know a lot might not have noticed but as a huge mashabiki of both shows, I noticed that there a lot of similarities between the two shows.

1.both set siblings who fight the evil Supernatural (demons/vampire/evil witches...).

2. both set of siblings save/protect people in the expense of their own lives.

3.both set of siblings Lost their mothers at young age to the supernatural.

4.both older siblings became Angel death for one siku (Dean) & (piper)

5.both younger siblings had visions of the future (Sam) & (Phoebe)

6.both younger siblings went to the dark side/became evil.

7.both younger siblings...
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Hunting things, saving people: still the family business. Supernatural Season 12 premieres Thursday October 13th on The CW.
season 12
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