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First off, let me tell you.... I upendo this movie! I have watched this movie like 30x au zaidi and I still haven't gotten bored of it. Yes, I know how it's gonna end already, but aside from the ending, I still enjoy the movie itself. There's a lot I like about this movie, but also some things I don't. Let's get started:


Like: The animation

I just upendo how beautiful it is. Remember that scene where Rapuzel is finally free of the tower and she sings her last note of "When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise)"? Right before she starts her mood swings, notice the background--the crystal clear sky along with the tall trees. I don't know, I just upendo that, as well as other scenes with scenery in it. Also, I must point out how well the "I See The Light" scene was done. I personally thought it was the most beautiful scene in the whole movie.

Dislike: The prologue.

Now, they probably did this on purpose, but I feel that the prologue spoiled the identity of Mother Gothel and her plan WAY too much. Basically all of it was told then and there. I mean, wouldn't it have made zaidi sense to reveal this during Rapunzel's realization scene? IMHO, that would have been much better. And see, that's the thing--neither Rapunzel nor Eugene ever find out why Mother Gothel did what she did. Rapunzel knew she was using her hair, yes, but never WHY. au maybe they found out afterwards? The movie never states this, but whatever. Moving on...


Like: The songs

I can't think of a song I disliked from this movie. Sure, maybe they weren't "as good" as Frozen's songs, but I still sang along. Other than "I See The Light", I also loved Mother Gothel's reprise of "Mother Knows Best". It was one of my inayopendelewa scene's in the movie. My inayofuata inayopendelewa would be both versions of "When Will My Life Begin?" Especially the first one. It shows just how talented Rapunzel is.

Dislike: How short the Healing Incantation was

I understand that since it's an incantation, it shouldn't be that long. But they could have at least made it a full minute. But that's just a minor complaint. There's a ton zaidi things to upendo here.


Like: Character interactions

The interactions with Rapunzel and Eugene, as well as Pascel and Maximus were really well done. Rapunzel and Eugene felt like they could easily get along as friends. And during some scene's in the movie, wewe could tell he started inaonyesha concern for her. And even at the end, the two of them both genuinely cared for each other--both willing to sacrifice themselves for the other person. And I also upendo how Pascel always looked out for Rapunzel's safety without being over-protective of her. The rivalry between Eugene and Maximus was also funny.

Dislike: The rushed bond between Rapunzel and Eugene

I honestly felt that it was a tad bit too rushed. I realize they were limited with standard movie running time and all, but I wish they could have spent a few zaidi days together. But as I alisema above, their upendo for each other was in fact real, and it wasn't just "I'm gonna fall in upendo with him/her because they're so hot..."


Like: Rapunzel and Eugene's genuine upendo for each other

It's one of many reasons why I loved this movie. While it was rushed IMHO, their upendo and concern was real, even before the ending. It wasn't just the usual "hot girl and hot guy fall in love, the end". It was much zaidi than that. That's how upendo should be: Real, not fake.

Dislike: No lines for Rapunzel's parents

Why didn't Rapunzel's parents ever have any lines? Like, come on, at least give them SOMETHING to say. Have them talk about how much they miss their daughter, au how they hope that she is salama wherever she is. Anything. I really don't get why they don't speak at all, unless they couldn't find any actors. But if so, why couldn't they?


Like: Rapunzel's Realization scene

I enjoyed seeing Rapunzel finally get the courage to tell her "mother" off, saying she wasn't taking her crap anymore. She was all like, "I'm not your damn 'flower', I'm the Lost Princess!" OK, she didn't say THAT, but wewe get the point. I just loved that scene.

Dislike: Mother Gothel's past was never explained

During the whole movie, not once does it explain her past. Where did her fear of death come from? Why was she so vein? Better yet, how did she find the maua, ua to start with? The prologue suggests that she found the maua, ua immediately after it formed, but then... how would that make sense? Was she walking around and then she saw the drop of sun hit the flower? How did she even know wewe had to sing to it to make it work? Guess we'll never know.


Like: Equal treatment

I like how it isn't ALL about the main character. Sure, Rapunzel is an important part of the story, since... it's HER story. But I liked how it not only focuses on her, but also on Eugene, and shows us why both characters are they way they are in the movie. I just liked how it treated both of them fairly, instead of one over-shadowing the other.

Dislike: Rapunzel's cluelessness

How the hell did Rapunzel not notice Gothel's grey hair during the "Mother Knows Best" reprise? And even before that.... why didn't Rapunzel ever wonder WHY her "Mother" wanted her to heal her so much? I mean, didn't she think it was just a bit odd to heal her, even when it was obvious that Gothel wasn't even injured during each healing scene? au maybe Gothel pretended she was injured. But even then, how did Gothel manage to pull this whole thing off? When Rapunzel was younger, I can understand, since most kids will believe just about ANYTHING. But when she's freaking 18?? Come on, now... I get it, I get it, it's a Disney movie. But shouldn't she have at least been zaidi suspicious of Gothel and her intentions now that she was older? I sure as hell would have.


Like: Rapunzel's determination

I like how determined Rapunzel was to see the lights. It shows that even after Gothel had filled her head with nightmares about the world, she still wound up being set on chasing her dream regardless of that. It's one of many reasons why I loved her as a character. <3

Dislike: Rapunzel's power weren't explained that well

This one is zaidi of something I didn't quite get. Even after Eugene cut her hair, shouldn't part of it still stayed blonde? I can understand how the long half of her hair turned brown, but what about the part of her hair that was still attached to her head? au was all her powers really just in her hair, not in her body? But if that's the case, where did that magic tear come from? I honestly wish they could have explained her powers a bit more. That's all.


Like: The voices actors

I personally thought that the choice for the VA's where excellent, and well done. They each seemed to bring life to each character. They did a great job with inaonyesha emotion when needed and it made the movie fun to watch.

Dislike: It never says what Rapunzel's real name was

This bothered me a little bit. Wouldn't it have been nice to discover what her real name was? Because it obviously wasn't "Rapunzel". Though we never see it, we can take a guess that Gothel named her "Rapunzel" and not her parents. Well, not that it changes her personality at all, but I'd just like to know. Imagine finally finding your Lost child, only to discover she has been named something different kwa someone else.


Like: How Rapunzel uses her hair

Even with such long hair, Rapunzel managed to do things with it--almost like using it as an extra limb au something. It shows that she can get really creative, and not just with painting.

Dislike: The hair well never grow back

Rapunzel is basically stuck with short hair forever, au so I've been hearing. But is that true? If so, then why? If it's normal hair now, shouldn't it grow out like normal hair does? I don't get that logic....

And finally....


Like: The sinema ujumla, jumla message

From what I gathered from it, it's about following your dreams no matter how dark the world may be au how long the journey takes. We need zaidi positive messages like this in the world, not just in Disney. I personally thought the movie was inspiring.

Dislike: The unsolved mystery of Rapunzel's tower

We never find out who built the tower. We know Gothel and Rapunzel lived there for 18 years, but who made the thing? Did Gothel build it? au did she find and decided that that's where she should hide her? I'd kinda like to know how it got there. But regardless of it's flaws, I still enjoy this movie for what it is. A fun, exciting journey of discovering yourself and pursuing your dreams, whatever they may be. It will always be one of my most inayopendelewa Disney sinema ever.
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