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 FAT Rapunzel LOL XD
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I should make better Flynn fat XD
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This Tangled picha contains picha, headshot, and closeup.

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 Rapunzel is beautiful, Fiona is plain.
Rapunzel is beautiful, Fiona is plain.
Take one brother grimm fairytale, then add a Chameleon and a swahsbuckling horse, and wewe get Tangled. Take on Ogre with an annoying accent, mix it in with lots of other Fairytales I forgot about, finally, add some sort of utopia ruled kwa a talking Frog, and wewe get the Shrek franchise.


Eugine Vs Shrek

Both outcasts, both cynical, sarcastic, and abit cocky, they are two very strong characters. Eugine is sly, quick witted, eloquent, and has a charming brogue. Being a criminal, he isn't good Marafiki with the Kingdom, and he gets mixed in with the wrong crowd(The stabbington brothers)...
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