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karatasi la kupamba ukuta
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This Taylor Lautner karatasi la kupamba ukuta might contain suti biashara, biashara suti, picha, headshot, and closeup.

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so here it is chapter 5
lots of things will happen in this chapter and wewe can be sure about that.
the problem is my keyboard isnt working and im typing on my screen keyboard and it takes a while to press on the letters with the mouse.
Chapter 5 extra

i was caught up in traffic.
no one was moving i was on the same spot for a couple of dakika already.
i was one step even closer to get out of my car and walk till there.
but i made myself pacience and waited holding the nervousity inside ...or atleast,trying to.
the traffic light turned green and the cars started moving though it was a slow process....
continue reading...
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