Taylor mwepesi, teleka What's Taylor's true goal? (Theory)

taytayfordayday posted on Sep 15, 2015 at 04:21PM
I do not know honestly. Some people do it for the thrill or the rush, some just want to conquer it all in a sense of accomplishment. She may not want the fame, money, or fans but just wants to be on the top. Unequivocally on top to the point no one can stand or say anything against her. She's ruling without fear. That's a boss mentality. Many bosses, I.E. crime bosses in the world rule others with fear so you cannot say or do anything against them out of fear of reprisal (Taylor is not a criminal btw.) And that is a how they rule, this has been shown throughout history time and time again. She has that mentality. But she does it in a way of using others and bringing others on her side and if you are against her then you are against everyone. In this industry that is power. A HUGE amount of power and if anyone goes against that she can crush them without having to directly do it herself. Like I said, very very smart girl. If she wasn't a singer and grew up in a downtrodden area then she would be dangerous. She seems like someone that will do whatever it takes to win but make it seem like it's not the case at all. You don't rise in this industry, make the friends you do, have the connections you have and conquer in this way without having some skill. Open your eyes, this isn't just some young innocent little girl she's a strong minded, determined, dangerous little lady in a dress who is going to be around for a long time. People like her don't come along very often but here is the other thing about "bosses" in the world. Once they fall, even in the slightest, every enemy that you have, don't have, would have, will come to crush you and make sure you never rise again. History, look it up, it's all in there. It repeats itself and in this case, just a different form. So once again, watch out Taylor, be careful, and good luck.

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