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 1989 Deluxe Edition album cover!
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This Taylor mwepesi, teleka picha might contain outerwear, overclothes, sanduku kanzu, and koti ya kisanduku.

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The country songstress was in awe of the legendary rockers

Taylor mwepesi, teleka has admitted that she was so star-struck kwa The Rolling Stones during her performance with Mick Jagger on a hivi karibuni tarehe of their '50 and Counting' tour that she forgot some of the lyrics to the song.

The 'Everything Has Changed' hitmaker couldn't believe her luck when she was asked to duet with the frontman of the legendary band, who she has idolised for years. After taking them up on their offer, Taylor hit the stage at The Stones' tamasha in Chicago on June 3 to sing 'As Tears Go By' with Mick Jagger.

It seems being in awe...
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