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 I'll ngumi, punch wewe in the face if wewe call me soft...
Duncan: ... I'm gonna have a lot of punching to do. ¬_¬
sanaa ya shabiki
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This TDI's GwenxDuncan sanaa ya shabiki might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

Gwen's POV
Ok, so I'm sitting on my bed, with my leather suitcase. I can't believe I'm going to summer camp. I hate summer camp. The last time I went, I peed my pants on the bus and had to walk around on the first siku with girly pink sweat pants. Of course I was only 6 years old then, but it was still humiliating. This year, my mom's forcing me to go to learn to mingle. And since this is a summer camp for seniors, which I am, we are going to be mgawanyiko, baidisha into teams and put through brutal challenges. It's basically going to be like my inayopendelewa reality TV show, Total Drama Island. Man that Chris is...
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this video is not made kwa me and DxG forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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not made kwa me and DxG foever!!
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with Duncan and his dad
Duncan:*packing his stuff to go to millitary school*
Duncan's dad: Duncan wewe almost ready
Duncan: why becuase you're waitig to never see me again so wewe can celabreat!
Duncan's dad: DON'T TALK TO ME THAT WAY now awnser my question!
Duncan: yes i am happy!
Duncan's dad:Duncan i know wewe are upset but it is for the best
Duncan's dad: Dunan mtulivu, clam down
Duncan: how can i when i can't help my girlfriend wth our kid
Duncan's dad: wewe need to learn to be zaidi responseable
Duncan: and how the heck is millitary school going to help that!?!?!?!?!
Duncan's dad: just get your stuff packed we leave at 6:50 tomorrow morning
Duncan: that early
Duncan's dad: yes *walks ut of the room*
Duncan: can my life get any worse

[b] i know it is short again so what should happen when Duncan goes to millitary school and sorry if some words where spelled wrong [b/]
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With Gwen and Duncan
Gwen: what is it Duncan
Duncan: i-i have millitary school i-i tried to expalin to my dad but he didn't care i'm so sorry Gwen: what...
Duncan: i tried to esplain to him it just wouldn't work i'm sorry *hugs Gwen and begins to cry*
Gwen: Duncan it's fine
Duncan: no it's not i got wewe pregnant i went into a 21 mwaka older bar and got busted and now i have to go to millitary school i'm the worst dad in the world
Gwen: no you're not Duncan
Duncan: YES I AM!!! sorry i just snapped at wewe ut i'm really mad now i'm sorry
Gwen: it's fine
Duncan: do wewe hate me becuase i understand if wewe do
Gwen: i don't hate wewe Duncan i understand
Duncan: Gwen i don't know when i'll come back but when i do i'll help wewe as much as i can i promise
Gwen: thank wewe *kisses Duncan
Duncan:*kisses back* i upendo you
Gwen: i upendo wewe too

[b]i am soooo sorry i haven't updated in a while i have been really busy lately and sorry if a missspelled anything[b/]
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at lunch
Duncan: I can't do it i don't want to hurt her
D.J.: t's better to tell her now Duncan
Duncan: I can't!
Geoff: she is going to find out sooner au later
Duncan: I just need some time
Geoff: ok , ok
D.j.: she is going to find out eventually
Geoff: true, Duncan when did your dad say wewe have to go to military school?
Duncan: he will tell me after school
Geoff: ok, but what if he changed his mind
Duncan: has anyone here meet my dad
D.J.:dude chill out
Duncan: ok D.J. how would wewe feel if it was your girlfriend
D.J.: i don't hae a girlfriend
Duncan: well i'm worried
Geoff: it's going to be ok Duncan just mtulivu, clam down and wewe can tell Gwen later
Duncan: ok fine
with Gwen and Duncan
Duncan: hujambo babe
Gwen: hujambo Duncan
Duncan: Gwen i have to tell wewe something
Gwen: what is t Dunky
Duncan: i

[to be continued] (not i know i pelled that wrong)

sorry its short and agaiin sorry if some words were spelled wrong and what happenes next
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
I scratched another tally mark into my bunk post with my pocket knife. I counted up the total of the tally marks. 10. I've been here for 10 days, and yet, I already miss juvie. The chakula in juvie was better than in this hell-hole. And still, when some people see me, they cringe, au they flinch, au something like that. I hate that. It's offensive and it makes me angry. That siku with running around the island, with Heather scoffing at me, uhg, if she wasn't a girl, and a hot one at that, my fist would be in her face before wewe could say "Duncan is awesome".
We apparently had this...
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Gwen P.o.v

Last Saturday,it was late at night,my hair was in a ponytail, while I was painting. There was a knock on my window, I walk to my window and opened it.Trent got inside and told me we needed to talk about me and Duncan,"Nothing's been going on I swear!"I told him.
"No not like that, it's just about your guys' friendship, "he replied.
This was very strange...
"What friendship? wewe told me-"I was saying til I got interrupted.
"I know what I said, but he is with Courtney now, and Courtney won't ever let wewe try anything on him, and I started thinking long and hard and thought its not that...
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Field Trip to England!!!

I finally left Trent's house and stayed home, but since Trent still doesn't trust me he comes over and checks on me once and a while. I saw a poster with bolded letters saying field trip to England, I froze, was this true? A wide smile spread across my face, this was my chance to have a few weeks to myself and not have Trent all over me! I sorta almost skipped to Algebra class.I passed kwa Duncan and Courtney, Duncan's arm was around her until he saw me half skipping with joy, he walked up to me."What's with all the skipping? "He was curious.
"The field trip"I smiled....
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