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posted by Rainflowers
This is in my opionion the best ten couples.

10.Cyborg and Jinx

I've always loved this coulpe, they're so differnt, and totally don't belong together maybe thats why I like them so much
9.Angle and Kid Wickeyy

I upendo the way they work as a team and the way that Kid Wickeyy protects Angle.
8.Red X and Aregent

I really like this couple cause they look awesome together.
7.Kole and Ganerek

They are so right for each other!

6.Red X and Agrent

Dark and Evil
5.Cyborg and Bumble bee

They're awesome together. I upendo how she calls him sparky

4.Red X and Starfire

IDK i just really like this coulpe

3. Kid Flash and Jinx

He turned her good how COULDNT wewe upendo this couple

2. Beast boy and Raven

they belong together

1. Starfire and Robin

they're the best couple ever
posted by flippinfrogz121
Robin is DEFINATELY Richard Grayson. It's hinted at multiple times in the show, and in the comics (which i really need to read) Anywayz...

Richard Grayson started off as normal as any kid-
not. No, he wasn't born wearing spandex, but he was born a Robin. He was born on the first siku of spring, and was dubbed the nickname "robin" from his mother.

He was a circus performer at Haly's Circus, and one of the only three people in the world able to do the quadrouple summer sault on the trapeeze (the other two being his parents) His life was turned upside down in Gotham.

While on a tour to Gotham City,...
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