So I have decide to write about each character (well some) on TW, and my opinion of them and how JD just went off book for some characters, I decide to start with Jackson(jackass) kanima, because this story line was just handled wrong.

Ok let’s start with Jackson this guys is complete JACKASS, HEARTLESS, SELFISH, MANIPULATIVE, ABUSER.  For two whole seasons he NEVEREVER showed any kind of human decency not a single moment, it’s what made him turn into a freaking lairized, because he’s that ugly on the inside as a person so dark and twisted that he turned into an animal, a killing machine. He abused Lydia, stiles, Scott, and used/manipulated Allison to get what he wants, threatened Scott to expose his secret, when he did receive the bite from Derek (which I’m pretty sure Derek was hoping he would just die and I’m pretty sure most of wanted that) he’s was just a lose end that needed to be taken out.

He didn’t deserve to receive the bite after the shit he pulled over Scott, further proof of him not deserving to get what he wants is he didn’t even check on Lydia because he did NOT care about her not even little. Come S2, he’s even worse than S1 if it’s possible he’s zaidi heartless, and the way he talked down to Lydia the only thing decent about him, the way he just basically told her I used wewe to get what I want and now done with you, he threw her way like a trash (even if Lydia was kind of bitch, kahaba in S1 &S2 she’s still doesn’t deserve that, nobody deserves to be treated like that).

To continue, he became a Kanima, a killing machine monster, yes he was not in control so not really his fault but still need to be STOPPED period, he’s was KILLING PEOPLE, both Derek & his pack and the argent family were right to find a way to kill him because he might not be in control but he was still a lethal weapon that can be used kwa psychopaths he need to be put down. Then comes this whole CRAP about trying to save him, yes wewe try and save someone who’s being controlled against his well but even if it wasn’t his fault people were DYING, he had to be stopped, kwa trying to save him au whatever zaidi people did DIE (anyway guy like him didn’t deserve to be saved anyway not after he gotten the 100 chances to redeem himself and still choose to be a dick), and then he was used to threaten Scott and his mother, all Derek wanted to do is make sure his pack, Scott, and innocent people are salama and protected the same with argents.

But what really just a ngumi, punch to the face was OUT OF NOWHERE, all of sudden he has a “heart” and he “loved/cared” about Lydia, and their “love” was strong enough to break the hold Gerard, that is just load of CRAP, and OCC of Jackson, Lydia and their so called “love story”. It’s funny that their “love” was strong enough to break the Supernatural hold a psychopath had on Jackson YET somehow it wasn’t strong enough for him to stay and be with her (yes I know Colton has a role in arrow) but it just made it look so STUPID and POINTLESS.

Most importantly this entire plot was used to onyesha that Scott was the “good guy” for trying to save a killer, and Derek as the “bad guy” for trying to kill a MOSTER from killing innocent people. It was used as a plot to make Derek look bad and Scott look good, it was sued to make Derek inhuman but Derek felt responsible for what he did, Jackson was his fault so it was his responsibility to take care of Jackson, zaidi than that he made a hard decision, the kind of decisions that a leader has to make kill one person to save a the rest of the town/world au whatever, and it’s not an easy decision and Derek took that choose to keep his pack salama because for all he knew the kanima could have gone after them.