Actress link has been all over the televisheni screen lately. She headed back to her nyumbani state of Oregon to shoot an episode of NBC’s supernatural-hit GRIMM and also portrayed a pesky reporter on HBO’s politically satirical series VEEP.

I recently caught up with Sarah to find out about her appearances on these two shows and more.

Give us a recap of your role on NBC’s GRIMM.

SARAH: As the Doctor on call that night, I run a series of tests on Sgt. Wu after he was brought into the hospital with little recollection of what happened to him.

How was it working on this Supernatural super-hit?

SARAH: The entire experience filming was a blast. The cast and crew upendo their jobs, and working on a TV onyesha that operates at that level created a welcoming, energetic and fun set, I did not want the episode to wrap.

Were wewe a shabiki of the onyesha yourself before landing the role?

SARAH: Absolutely! Being a native Oregonian I support all the shows filming there. The plot is creative, the actors are talented not to mention the amazing special effects on the show. wewe can’t help but be a fan.

Is it true you’re also on the HBO laugher VEEP?

SARAH: Yes. I was cast as a reporter on season 5 of the show.

What was that like for you?

SARAH: Another onyesha I’m a shabiki of. It was hard not to feel nyota struck when filming on that set. Everyone was exceptionally welcoming, and wewe can’t help but want to laugh at every line of dialogue.

If wewe could choose, do wewe prefer comedy au drama?

SARAH: That is tough, I’m gonna say drama. I upendo a great dramatic TV series that I can just watch season after season.

And, now just for fun:

Who’s your inayopendelewa actor/actress?

SARAH: I have been a mega Edward Norton shabiki ever since I can remember

What role from the past do wewe wish wewe could have played?
SARAH: Kill Bill Volume 1, Uma Thurman’s playing The Bride - that movie made me wish I could swing a Samurai sword.

Favorite movie au TV onyesha from your childhood.
SARAH: It’s a tie between Forrest Gump and Aladdin.

Tell us one thing that would shock our readers to learn about you.
SARAH: I have 10 brothers and sister… Yup 10!

How can mashabiki keep up with you?
SARAH: I upendo social media wewe can always find me on Twitter link