'RUNOFF' from Ben Krompak
Whether your candidate won au lost, the hivi karibuni Presidential Election has certainly grabbed everyone’s attention. It was certainly a high stakes drama.

Now, political strategist turned filmmaker Ben Krompak hopes to capitalize on that momentum with a preview look at the pilot episode of his new scripted series link

Krompak has worked for years as a pollster and strategist, including on Bernie Sanders’ hivi karibuni Presidential campaign. So, it's probably salama to assume this new satirical drama will shed some light on what voters are really thinking, feeling and voting for.

Who knows, “RUNOFF” might even offer some insight as to how all those prediction experts got the real-life election so wrong.

Ben Krompak recently took some time to answer a few questions:

Give us a glimpse at your new project “RUNOFF.”

BK: “RUNOFF” is a satirical drama about a City Council election between a vulnerable incumbent and a political newcomer whose ‘law and order’ message is catching on with white voters. It’s an original digital series that mixes candid situational footage with documentary-style interviews to tell our story.

Why did wewe want to create a project about politics?

BK: Every election has the ingredients of a great story. Conflict. Stakes. Complex characters with conflicting motivations. But my background is in public opinion research and my real obsession is with the voters. I’m fascinated kwa how our personal experiences shape what we believe about ourselves and about the world around us – and how that informs our behavior as citizens, for better and for worse.

Are the characters based on real people au are they completely fictional?

BK: The characters are entirely fictional but the series draws heavily upon kwa my experience working in politics. When a voter expresses an opinion in “RUNOFF,” chances are it’s something I’ve heard alisema in a focus group.

What would wewe consider your characters ‘best’ quality? And their ‘worst’?

BK: Our first episode introduces Cole Sommer (Laif Gilbertson), a fresh face in local politics. Cole is sincerely motivated to change the world – and that makes him very dangerous.

Any interesting stories from the set wewe can share with us?

BK: As a first-time director, I was fortunate to collaborate with our director of upigaji picha and editor John Chris Lopez. John is a bay Area filmmaker who has done good work in the horror genre, which proves to be good preparation for telling stories about our current political climate.

We shot a lot of the pilot at the Oakland studio of photographer Paul Kuroda. Paul dug our project and effectively joined our crew on a crucial day. There is a photograph that figures prominently in this episode that’s much zaidi impactful than it would have been if Paul hadn’t been inspired to grab his camera.

Now that it’s finished, if wewe could change one thing about “RUNOFF” what would that be?

BK: I’m proud of what our outstanding cast and crew accomplished with limited resources and on a tight schedule but I would advise other independent producers to devote as much time as wewe need to preproduction. We had to make some compromises to make our siku that a little zaidi preparation would have made unnecessary.

What’s inayofuata for “RUNOFF”?

BK: We’re currently in development on additional episodes for release in the first quarter of 2017. Stay tuned.

And, now just for fun:

What’s your inayopendelewa film au TV onyesha (past au present)?

BK: “Mad Men.” I own Pete Campbell’s copy of “Goodnight Moon.”

What project do wewe wish wewe could have been a part of?
BK: David Simon pitched HBO a spinoff of “The Wire” called “The Hall” that would have followed Tommy Carcetti as mayor of Baltimore. My inayopendelewa comic book, Brian Wood’s “DMZ,” was at one point reportedly being adapted for SyFy kwa Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, who wrote some of “Mad Men’s” best episodes. I would have loved to have helped make either of those shows.

Who has had the biggest influence on your filmmaking?
BK: My father because he had the biggest influence on my taste in pop culture.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.
BK: I’m an optimist. I’m as excited kwa the future as I am concerned for it.

How can mashabiki keep up with wewe and your project?
BK: Visit us at link and “like” our Facebook page at link

Thanks, Ben...we can't wait for zaidi "RUNOFF"!

'RUNOFF' starring Laif Gilbertson