Hello my beautiful readers. Pikagirl16 here. Let's talk about anime. Now, I've never really been much of an anime fan. Growing up, the only anime I really watched were Pokemon and Dragonball Z. While I still like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon admittedly doesn't hold up well into adulthood. Outside of that, I've never really ventured into the world of anime to see what it could really be. That is until recently when I finally decided to start really getting into anime. And the first anime I decided to watch from beginning to end was Parasyte -the maxim-. So after watching the entire series, I'm here to share my thoughts. WARNING: Spoilers. Remember, this is all based on personal opinion and how I am as a person. So wewe can agree au disagree. Let's just all be respectful and civil to each other, alright? Great. Now let's get to it!

Setting and Story

Based on the manga series Parasyte kwa Hitoshi Iwaaki and produced kwa the studio Madhouse, Parasyte -the maxim- takes place in Tokyo and follows a high school boy named Shinichi Izumi. After an alien race of parasitic life forms appear on Earth and start taking over the brains of humans kwa entering through their ears au noses, one Parasite attempts to take over a sleeping Shinichi kwa going through his ear, but fails due to Shinichi wearing earphones. So it decides to enter his body through his right arm...though it could've just went up his nose, but whatever. Shinichi successfully prevents it from travelling to his brain so it ends up taking over his right arm instead. Thus, both Shinichi and the parasite retain control of their intellect. Shinichi decides to name the parasite Migi, Japanese for "right", and the two of them must work together to survive as other parasites attack them due to Shinichi's brain still being intact while trying their best to cope with and hide their situation from Shinichi's loved ones, learning zaidi about each other's species, and going through physical, mental, and emotional traumas.

The story told here is very enthralling. Seeing Shinichi going through turmoils, gaining superhuman abilities, and forming a bond with Migi is very engaging and keeps wewe hooked, especially when it comes to Shinichi and Migi's interactions. I was very impresseed with how the relationship between them developed despite Shinichi being, of course, humanistic and Migi being very animalistic. Just seeing them talk about their different ideals and viewpoints about morality is very interesting. The story gets juicier and juicier as the series goes on, especially when zaidi parasites start invading the planet. There's a great one in particular named Ryoko Tamiya/Reiko Tomura, a teacher at Shinichi's school who actually gets some good development and forms an interesting relationship with Shinichi. I think what I also like about the story in the onyesha is how it has elements that you'd find in a superhero story, with an average, everyday kid gaining superhuman abilities and trying to keep it a secret from his loved ones and such. There are also some existential maswali brought up, such as why are we here? What's our purpose? What does it mean to be human? Can humans and parasites coexist? Should they coexist? All of these elements work so well and makes for a very well-told story. Also, the sekunde to last episode in which Migi leaves Shinichi was very bittersweet.


The characters, for the most part, are great as well. Starting off with Shinichi, he starts off as an average, shy, awkward, kind kid. But when his arm gets infected kwa Migi, he becomes a lot zaidi like him, lacking human emotion and even temporarily losing the ability to cry. But even when he's uigizaji emotionless, I always root for him and upendo him. He's definitely a relatable and well-rounded character. I was with him through all the struggles he had to go through. Migi, as monotonous and emotionless as he is, is also very likeable. He definitely comes off as cold due to his inability to grasp the concept of emotion and only really cares about survival. But even then, he definitely grows fond of Shinichi, considering him a friend, and he does actually gain a sense of morality. There are also Shinichi's parents, Kazuyuki, his father and Nobuko, his mother, who tragically gets killed kwa a parasite and is avenged kwa her son. They, of course, care for their son and start to worry about him when his behavior becomes strange. I really like their interactions and I did feel bad when Nobuko died, especially since it was pretty much Shinichi's fault, which, of course, he feels very guilty about. There's Shinichi's girlfriend, Murano Satomi...or Satomi Murano...eh, she's called Murano in the English dub so I'll go with that. I can't stand this character, but I'll get into why later. There's her much zaidi interesting best Marafiki Yuko and Akiho, a student named Kana who can sense parasites, and Mamoru Uda, another human who is partially a parasite, with one infused in his mouth. The parasites themselves are also pretty cool. Aside from the aforementioned Ryoku Tamia, there's Mr. A, another teacher at Shinichi's school, Hideo Shimada, another student, and the ultimate villain of the show, Gotou. They're all pretty interesting and threatening. There are zaidi characters, but I just wanted to draw attention to these.

Other Aspects

The uhuishaji here is very well-done. The line work, the colors, all of it is juu notch. The designs, especially on the parasites are very detailed and very creepy. The muziki is good too. I upendo the kinanda melody that plays throughout. The opening theme titled Let Me Hear kwa the band Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is awesome and catchy. The action sequences are fast-paced, gory, and thrilling to watch. The voice uigizaji is also great. I can't really maoni on the Japanese voice actors because I only watched the English dub, but I'm sure they did well. I also have to specifically give heshima to Shinichi's English voice actor Adam Gibbs for his performance. In the beginning of the series, Shinichi sounds a little whiny and kind of dorky. But after his personality changes and he becomes zaidi emotionless, his voice changes as well, becoming deeper and a bit zaidi monotonous. So I have hand it to Adam Gibbs for being able to pull that off in flying colors.

So, Parasyte -the maxim- seems to be practically a masterpiece, huh? Well, almost. There is one element that does sort of bring it down, and that element is Shinichi's upendo interest, Murano. Oh God, do I hate this character. Why? Because out of all the characters, both human and parasite, she is the least interesting. She has little to no personality, barely does anything, and she sucks me out of the experience every time she shows up on screen. In the beginning, she started off alright, being a generally nice and caring girlfriend. However, as I continued to watch the series, I started to realize that she doesn't really grow as a character, which irritated me a lot because she's the main character's upendo interest. All she pretty much does throughout the series is act emotional and nothing else. Don't get me wrong. I understand her emotional reactions to Shinichi's personality change, and there is one scene between them that I found effective. There's a scene in the series where they find a dead puppy on the road, and they wonder what they should do with the poor thing. Shinichi, being the emotionless, uncaring person he is, throws the puppy in the trash and calls it a piece of dog shit. This, of course, shocks Murano and Shinichi later decides to bury it near a tree. I liked that scene because it added to Shinichi's character. But outside of that, Murano just aggravates me so much because I tried to care about her. I really did, but nothing about her was interesting, therefore I couldn't get emotionally attached to her. As a result, the romance between her and Shinichi suffers. I never felt a real connection between them. I'd have an easier time believing that Spike and Faye from Cowboy Bebop were in love. To make things worse, Murano's Marafiki Yuko and Akiho were zaidi interesting. In fact, I thought that Kana, the girl who can sense parasites, was a lot zaidi interesting and had a much better relationship with Shinichi than Murano did. I actually wish that she was the main upendo interest. I was zaidi emotionally invested in her and I felt bad when she died. The last problem I have with the onyesha ties into my awali problem, and that's the last episode. The last episode takes place a mwaka later, with Migi bidding farewell to Shinichi. Things get crazy when a serial killer name Uragami abducts Murano and takes her to the juu of a building. Shinichi manages to knock out Uragami but the killer still manages to throw Murano over the edge. In a surprising turn of events, Migi comes back one zaidi time to help when Shinichi finds his right hand holding Murano's hand. Now, my problem with this episode is that I didn't feel it was necessary. It has Murano being put in mortal danger, but I didn't care. I wasn't really rooting for Shinichi to save her. I'm not saying I wanted her to die, but if she did, I wouldn't have really been emotionally affected. The beginning of the episode was good, with Migi saying goodbye to Shinichi, but the writers just could've moved that to the end of the awali episode and stopped there.


Despite my big problem with this anime, Parasyte -the maxim- is a definite must-watch. It has a deep, engaging story, wonderful lead characters, intense action, and phenomenal animation. In my opinion, it's a modern classic.

Rating System

Now, when it comes to televisheni shows, I don't award nyota ratings. I do that for films. For TV shows, I award medals. Imaginary medals, that is. I feel it's a little easier because there's a lot zaidi to analyze with a televisheni show, as well as the fact that a TV onyesha is something that wewe watch over a period of time, therefore the quality of it can change.

dhahabu Medal=Great: Every aspect is done excellently with no problems aside from a perhaps a few nitpicks.

Silver Medal=Very Good: Every aspect is done very well with some parts that perhaps could've been improved a little au one big problem that hurts the onyesha as a whole, but ujumla, jumla very solidly done and very enjoyable.

Platinum Medal=Good: Executes its elements fairly well with a few problems that sort of take away from the experience, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Bronze Medal=Okay: Adequate with problems that are bothersome and leave room for improvement but makes a decent pastime.

Tin Medal=Bad: Each aspect is done poorly with little to no good quality except perhaps one au two good elements.

Rusted Iron Medal=Awful: The series is either insulting bad au angering as there are no well-done aspects to be found except for the smallest of elements with nothing being even remotely good au enjoyable.

As much as I wanted to award Parasyte a dhahabu medal, my problems with Murano really do hold me back, especially since everything else is done so well. So after taking every aspect into account, Parayte -the maxim- gets a silver medal. It's a very good onyesha and if you're an anime shabiki and for some reason haven't checked it out, don't wait any longer. Go watch it. That's all I have for today everyone. I hope wewe enjoyed this review, thank wewe so much for kusoma and stay tuned for my inayofuata anime review, the classic Cowboy Bebop. I'm super excited to do that one and it should be up in a few days at least. So like, maoni and I'll see wewe then. Bye :-)