Hello my beautiful readers. Pikagirl16 here. As I mentioned in my review of Parayte -the maxim-, my inayofuata anime review was going to be Cowboy Bebop, one of the most maarufu and critically acclaimed anime series of all time. And here we are. Cowboy Bebop is commonly considered to be one of the greatest anime series ever created, and while I was excited to see it, I didn't heighten my expectations through the roof for fear I would end up being disappointed au simply not feeling the same way as other people. But I was at least expecting it to be good. So I jumped right in and and hoped for the best. I've been really exited to do this one, and after watching the entire series, I'm here to share my thoughts. WARNING: Spoilers. As I alisema before, this is all based on personal opinion and how I am as a person. wewe can agree au disagree. Let's be respectful and civil to each other. So grab your pistol, get in your spaceship, and pop a cigarette in your mouth. This is Cowboy Bebop.

Setting and Story

The directorial debut of Shinichiro Watanabe and produced kwa the studio Sunrise, Cowboy Bebop takes place in the future mwaka of 2071. Fifty years prior, an incident involving a hyperspace gateway made the Earth mostly uninhabitable. Thus, humanity has spread out across the Solar System, inhabiting terrestrial planets and moons such as Mars and Ganymede. In this time period, crime has increased significantly, and with it being difficult for the police to catch all these baddies, it's up to bounty hunters au "cowboys" as they're referred to, to help out and bring them to justice. The series focuses on a specific crew of bounty hunters. We have the tall, cynical, smooth-talking ex-criminal Spike Spiegel, the buff, gruff, but good-hearted former ISS cop Jet Black, the voluptuous, amnesiac, sassy gambler Faye Valentine, the weird, eccentric, but brilliant computer expert Edward, who is actually a girl, and the adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi with human intelligence Ein. They live on Jet's spaceship called Bebop as they go around hunting criminals, getting into crazy situations, and dealing with their past lives.

Now, unlike other anime series, Cowboy Bebop doesn't have a consistent storyline. It's actually pretty episodic, aside from the halfway point and the ending. For some people, this can be pretty problematic since they don't really add much to the characters and come off as pointless, and yeah, that is mostly true. Some of these episodes don't really add much. But in the show's defense, that was technically the point. When Cowboy Bebop was first conceived, Shinichiro Watanabe was actually planning on it being a film instead of a TV show. But when it was turned into a series, he treated each episode, au session, as they're referred to, as a miniature film, and from my standpoint, just because an episode doesn't really add much to the characters, doesn't mean it's not entertaining au that there's nothing to take away from it. Even though I admittedly wasn't really hooked until the fifth episode Ballad of Fallen Angels, I was still entertained. I enjoyed every episode, with the exception of one which I'll get to later, to a certain degree, whether it's episodic au not. They can be intense, intriguing and even poignant. In fact, two of my inayopendelewa episodic sessions are Waltz for Venus and Pierrot Le Fou. I found Waltz for Venus very thoughtful and emotionally stirring, and Pierrot Le Fou was straight up crazy. On juu of that, the series always has great writing, whether it be humorous au dramatic. What's also well-known and unique about the series is its blend of styles, from science fiction to westerns to film-noir to detective capers to action to thrillers, and because the series is episodic, it can incorporate all of these genres. The series also explores philosophical themes such as existentialism, existential ennui, and loneliness, which help us understand the effects that these characters' pasts have on them. While I feel that the sessions that do add to the characters and explore their past lives are the superior ones, I still really enjoy the episodic ones either just much au even on the same level. No matter the type of episode, each one has worth. If I had any issue at all, I did wish that they were a bit zaidi successful in catching bounties. I mean, I know the fact that they're not successful is supposed to be a running occurrence, but it would've been nice to see them eat like kings. But it's just a nitpick. Also, the two-part finale was bittersweet and awesome. The series both literally and figuratively went out with a bang, and I appreciate that Shinichiro Watanabe left the ending open to interpretation.

Just for the heck of it, I've grouped each episode into categories based on how I feel about them:

Great (Loved)
1. Ballad of Fallen Angels
2. Sympathy for the Devil
3. Waltz for Venus
4. Ganymede Elegy
5. Jupiter Jazz Part 1
6. Jupiter Jazz Part 2
7. My Funny Valentine
8. Black Dog Serenade
9. uyoga Samba
10. Speak Like A Child
11. Pierrot Le Fou
12. Hard Luck Woman
13. The Real Folk Blues Part 1
14. The Real Folk Blues Part 2

Very Good (Really Liked)
15. Asteroid Blues
16. Honky Tonk Women
17. Gateway Shuffle
18. Jamming With Edward
19. Toys in the Attic
20. Cowboy Funk
21. Brain Scratch

Good (Liked)
22. Stray Dog Strut
23. Heavy Metal Queen
24. Bohemian Rhapsody
25. Wild Horses

Okay (Indifferent/Disliked)
26. Boogie-Woogie Feng Shui


The main characters are very well-written. They start of as generally cool, charming badasses, but when we start to learn about them and their inner turmoil, they become a lot zaidi fleshed out, interesting, and relatable. My inayopendelewa character of the crew is without a doubt, Spike. Being the main protagonist, his backstory gets the most attention and ends up being the most interesting. Before he became a bounty hunter and teamed up with Jet, he was a member of a crime organization called The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. He was partners with a guy named Vicious...yeah, good choice there, Spike...and ended falling in upendo with his girlfriend Julia. He planned on leaving the syndicate to elope with Julia, but the syndicate punishes desertion with death. Vicious, being the evil bastard he is, threatened to kill both Julia and Spike if she doesn't kill him. Fearing for her life and the life of her lover, she went into hiding, leaving Spike to believe she abandoned him. Spike's main goal is to find his woman, and during the two-part halfway point, Jupiter Jazz, I was rooting for him all the way. Unfortunately he doesn't find her in that episode, but I held onto hope. Does he find her? You're just gonna have to find out for yourself. While Spike can definitely be an asshole at times, as well as reckless, he really is a good person deep down and has a much softer side than he'd like to show. He's also very sexy. In fact, he's my number one hottest animated guy. I upendo his tall, lean figure, his classy attire, his deep, smooth voice. Mmmhmm. I also upendo his awesome fighting skills. I mean, he is one badass mofo. Jet's a really good character as well. He can be a bit of an asshole too, and he often gets into arguments with Spike due to his reckless behavior, but he's a great friend and serves as a father figure to the crew. Faye is likeable as well. Despite the fact that she can behave unpredictably and has a bitchy attitude at times, she definitely cares about her shipmates, especially since they're the only family she has. Her backstory is the sekunde most interesting. Even though she's physically twenty years old, she's chronologically seventy-seven. In 2014, she was injured in an accident that killed her parents, but her injuries were so serious they could not be healed with conventional medicine, so she was put in cryo-sleep until a cure can be found. Thus, she was thawed out in the future not remembering who she is au where she came from. Throughout the series, she tries to find her identity. I also really like her and Spike's relationship. They bicker and argue, but they do care for one another. Their relationship developes without explicit verbal affection. Edward is always just a hoot to watch. Some people find her annoying due to her bila mpangilio nature, but I find it delightful. She is just in her own weird, crazy little world, and she's so energetic and positive. She just makes me smile every time I see her. And lastly, Ein. What can I say? He's an adorable little pooch with a smart mind. He's awesome. The members of Bebop are great as individuals, but even better as a unit. Moving on to the side characters, both allies and villains, most, if not all, are really enjoyable as well. The ones that stand out to me the most are Asimov and Katerina Solensan from Asteroid Blues, Twinkle Maria Murdock from Gateway Shuffle, Wen from Sympathy for the Devil, V. T. from Heavy Metal Queen, Rocco and Stella Bonnaro from Waltz for Venus, Elisa from Ganymede Elegy, Gren from Jupiter Jazz, Chessmaster Hex from Bohemian Rhapsody, Fad from Black Dog Serenade, Doohan from Wild Horses, Mad Pierrot from Pierrot Le Fou, Andy and the Teddy mshambuliaji, mlipuaji wa bomu from Cowboy Funk, Mr. Appledelhi from Hard Luck Woman, ngumi, punch and Judy from the bounty hunter TV onyesha Big Shot, Carlos, Antonio, and Jobim, collectively called the Three Old Men, Laughing Bull, a shaman, Spike's old acquaintance Annie, Lin and Shin, two members of the crime syndicate, and perhaps the two most important, Julia and Vicious. All of them I either emotionally connected with, found really cool, au found very amusing.


Now, usually I would place the muziki in the Other Aspects portion of the review, but this is Cowboy Bebop, so it deserves its own category. It's pretty much common knowledge in the anime community that Cowboy Bebop has some of the best muziki ever made for an anime series. The muziki is composed kwa Yoko Kanno and performed kwa her band the Seatbelts. The music, like the storytelling, also incorporates different genres, such as the blues, heavy metal, western style, and most prevalently, jazz. Yoko Kanno is a freaking genius. While I greatly enjoy the muziki in this show, the two best pieces hands down are the opening theme Tank! and the ending theme The Real Folk Blues. Tank! is a big band jazz piece that's as irresistible and awesome as the series itself. I never knew what jazz could really be until I heard this. I listen to this several times every day. No lie. It's one of the best openings to a televisheni onyesha I've ever seen. The visuals are also very stylish and compliment the muziki perfectly. There's no lyrics outside of a few spoken lines, courtesy of Yoko Kanno's longtime collaborator Tim Jensen, and they are so cool. "I think it's time we blow this scene. Get everybody and the stuff together. Okay, 3, 2, 1, let's jam!" Oh I'll jam, alright. What else can I say? Tank! is freaking awesome. The Real Folk Blues is a much slower song, but it's something that wewe can also sort of rock your head to. The song contains Japanese lyrics sung kwa artist Mai Yamane and written by Yūho Iwasato. I actually managed to learn this song despite the fact that I don't know Japanese. If wewe want to learn how to sing it, go check out my lyric guide in which I broke down each word into syllables so they'll be easier to pronounce. The song is simply beautiful. Mai Yamane is a great singer, and her voice along with the English lyrics makes me feel the bittersweet tragedy that the song is conveying. It actually brought me to tears. As the song plays during the end credits for the series, it's accompanied kwa beautifully drawn picha of Spike's time with the crime syndicate. There's this beautifully mysterious and somber weight to them and they compliment the song just perfectly. I actually want them on my wall. Each one is just a masterful piece of art. Something that I've realized about both of these musical pieces is that they represent the show's two sides of identity. Tank! represents the cool, stylish side of the show, while The Real Folk Blues represents the deep, poetic side. So, to sum it up, the muziki in this onyesha is incredible. Nothing zaidi to say.

Other Aspects

The uhuishaji in this onyesha is pretty much movie quality. wewe can tell it's from the 90s, but there's a lot of detail, great color schemes, and gorgeous sceneries. At a time when the uhuishaji quality for anime series ranged from pretty good, e.g. Neon Genesis Evangelion, to kind of crappy, e.g. Berserk, Cowboy Bebop's uhuishaji still holds up remarkably well. I also upendo the character designs. What's unique about them when it comes to the Bebop crew is that wewe can pretty much figure out their general personalities simply kwa their designs. The voice uigizaji is also juu freaking notch. I didn't watch the Japanese version, but I'm sure the Japanese cast did well. At a time when English dubs, in terms of both voice uigizaji and technicality, for anime ranged from decent to kinda crappy, Cowboy Bebop definitely blew other 90s anime out of the water. We have the legendary Steven Blum as Spike, Beau Billingslea as Jet, Wendee Lee as Faye, and Melissa Fahn as Edward. They all do excellent jobs and fit their roles perfectly. Also, for a little trivia, Steven Blum and Wendee Lee also lent their voices to Jaime and Kiva from the Cartoon Network series Megas XLR, a very underrated Cartoon Network, onyesha kwa the way. If wewe haven't seen, it check it out. It's a lot of fun. But anyway, the lip-synching is also done well. The dialogue matches the lip movements. The action in the onyesha is also very riveting, both the hand-to-hand combat and gunplay. I especially upendo seeing Spike in action. Overall, the animation, action, and voice uigizaji for Cowboy Bebop are done extremely well.

So, wow, Cowboy Bebop definitely seems to be living up to its praise. Well, yes, it certainly does. However, there is one episode I dislike, and that episode is Session 21, Boogie-Woogie Feng Shui. In this episode, Jet runs into Meifa, the daughter of Pao Pu-Zi, an old acquaintance from his days as an ISS cop. He's thought to be dead, but she seeks Jet's help in finding her father through a note and an object called a sunstone, hoping he could still be alive while discussing her father's involvement in feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy based on aesthetics, astronomy and geography used to improve one's life. Now, this episode, coincidentally enough, is considered the worst episode of Cowboy Bebop. I'm not sure what other people's reasons are for disliking it, but I know mine. It's awkward and uninteresting. I don't despise this episode au anything, but compared to the others, I didn't feel it had anything of worth. I wasn't interested in Meifa, au her relationship with Jet, au even her goal of finding her father. I found the character pretty bland and the story itself just wasn't engaging to me. kwa the time the episode was over, I just felt empty. This is a Jet-centric episode, but what we learn about him and his past with Pao wasn't anything really essential. If there's any episode of this onyesha that can be considered pointless, it's this one, simply because it delves into Jet's past but it doesn't really help him develop as a character. With the other episodes, they either function as character-building episodes au good miniature films. This episode doesn't work as either, rendering it pointless. On juu of that, a lot of this episode is pretty awkward and even kind of creepy. Jet actually has the hots for Meifa. Jet is 36 and Meifa looks to be about 17 au 18. Um....ewww. He even says "I'm not old enough to be your father. If anything I could be your boyfriend". Uhhh...no, Jet, no. wewe actually are old enough to be her father. She's about half your age, and you're coming off as a creep. When they did find her father in the end and Meifa reconciled with him before he died, I just didn't care. So yeah, out all the episodes of Cowboy Bebop, this is the only one I probably won't give a sekunde watch. I can't really call it a bad episode, but it's not remarkable.


But even with that said, guys, I can't deny the fact that Cowboy Bebop is simply wonderful. I absolutely upendo it. I upendo the characters. I upendo the stories. I upendo the visuals. I upendo the voice acting. I upendo the music. It's stylish, it's poignant, and it's thought-provoking. It's got great drama, it's got great comedy, it's got great action, it's got great writing, and it's got something for everyone. If I had any other complaint, it's that I wish there was more. Is it the best anime of all time? Well, no, but it's without a doubt one of best and it's a classic for a reason. That is why, with great pleasure, I award Cowboy Bebop a dhahabu medal. It's a great onyesha and if wewe haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and go watch it. Even if wewe don't end up loving it as much as the mass majority due to the show's episodic structure which, as stated before, can be a bit of an issue depending on your taste, I guarantee that you'll have a special episode to come back to. Just a bit of a warning that, as I alisema earlier, the onyesha doesn't truly become gripping until the fifth session, but the awali four are still entertaining. Depending on how wewe are as a person, wewe could just watch the fifth session first, watch the awali four, then continue from the sixth session, as recommended kwa a Youtuber called Arcada who has a channel called Glass Reflection. Check out his channel. He's pretty cool. Well that's all I have for today everyone. Thank wewe so much for kusoma and I hope wewe enjoyed this review. Like, maoni and I'll see wewe inayofuata time. Bye :-)