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I know a lot of people are getting tired of hearing "overrated" but I just wanted to share my thoughts.This is not an makala of characters I dislike, i just think they're well wewe know.

10.Brooke Davis

Dean Winchester use to be number 10, but as the seasons have gone by, Brooke Davis is starting to get a good bit of hate now considering she's changed so much.What get's me is when people call Peyton whiny when Brooke cries just as much, if not more.It's always "Brooke has been through a lot" Well so has Peyton! I do like her character though ;)

9.Dean Winchester

Ok, I know people are gonna hate...
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Those of wewe who think that televisheni teaches wewe nothing...well wewe are in for a rude surprise! As a sitcom fanatic (my orodha of vipendwa currently adds to 32) I can tell wewe with certainty that sitcoms have a lot of life lessons to teach ranging from family, to love, to the everyday. So sit back, relax, and LEARN!

1. If wewe are married, and intend to renew your wedding vows, DON'T. wewe will end up divorced.

2. Amnesia is very common. In fact, nearly every time wewe hit your head amnesia will result. AND it's fairly simple to get rid of. Just have people:
A)Take turns hitting wewe on the head...
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