televisheni characters I will forever be moyo broken about/be sad/cry they died, who wewe will always be sad he/she died?(part 3)

Pick one:
Graham/ the huntsman (OUTA)
Graham/the huntsman (OUTA)
Michael Scofield (PB)
Michael Scofield (PB)
Aiden Mathis (revenge)
Aiden Mathis (revenge)
Dr. Joel Goran (SH)
Dr. Joel Goran (SH)
Gabriel (superna- tural)
Gabriel (supernatural)
Bobby Singer (superna- tural)
Bobby Singer (supernatural)
Kevin Tran (superna- tural)
Kevin Tran (supernatural)
Charlie Bradbury (superna- tural)
Charlie Bradbury (supernatural)
Meg 2. 0 (superna- tural)
Meg 2.0 (supernatural)
Jo Harvelle (superna- tural)
Jo Harvelle (supernatural)
 loveDE45 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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