televisheni Most BADASS female character {add zaidi but only if they are really badass!}

Pick one:
Olivia Dunham
Kate Austen
Sydney Bristow
Sarah Walker
Erica Evans
Buffy Summers
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Ziva David
Added by Evanescent
Temperance Brennan
Added by tvfan5
Kate Beckett
Added by BONES45
Lois Lane
Added by xxxxsammyxxxx
Queen Sophie-Anne
Added by OceanCoast
Ruby 1.0
Added by Dean-girlx
Dana Scully
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Shane McCutcheon
Added by Vishee
Emily Prentiss
Added by HouseAddict87
Kalinda Sharma
Added by Zalax
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 lostseason posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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