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Tigerguy posted on Feb 26, 2009 at 07:13PM
I was a teenager in the 70's and I lived the life and wore the same clothes as the characters on the show did. I loved this show and am sad it had to come to and end. Kids grow up though and the the 70's come to an end (The 70's didn't really end until the last day of 1980, NOT 1979, as Jan. 1, 1981 would be the first real day of the 1980”s).

I loved this show and have watched every episode. I have read others state that the show should have ended with the end of the seventh season when Red caught the gang in the circle. I agree in that as the last season sans Eric and Kelso was just not up to par with the earlier seven seasons. I thought that without Eric and Kelso and not having Jackie get back with Hyde as well as the Eric replacement, Randy were all mistakes that took some of the magic of the first seven seasons away. The last season was, as Red would say, a Dumbass!!!

Jackie and Hyde were perfect polar opposites and that made them the perfect couple. They were both just what the other needed. Not having Jackie and Hyde get back together was a big, big mistake on the part of the writers. Jackie hooking up with Fez at the end of the eighth season after seven full seasons of relationships with Kelso and Hyde meant to me that the show was running out of ideas fast. Jackie belonged with Hyde. I always thought Hyde was the most mature one of the gang. Strong and independent, he was the perfect match for Jackie. Jackie/Hyde was much better than Jackie/Kelso and Jackie/Fez seems downright stupid. I mean Fez was supposed to be a pervert that was obsessed with candy and porn and he winds up with Jackie???????

After seven full seasons of ups and downs with Eric and Donna the writers brought on the character Randy to be Donna's love interest in the final season Dumb idea. Ranks right up there with a Jackie/Fez relationship. I guess there are only so many ideas for shows in the tank but I think that in that final season the tank ran dry.

The first seven seasons were great. The idea of the final season running out the 70's was good but in that final season the writers dropped the ball. It should have ended better.

Having said that, I was a real teenager at the same time as these people were acting like 70's teenagers and I knew people that acted much like they did. Man! Did this show bring back memories of a time when life seemed a whole lot less complicated and in a lot of ways better.

Hey these kids get older, grow up and start their own lives. How about a 10 year class reunion? Bring all of them back together for another show ( just bring back Jackie as Hyde's wife/companion/girlfriend ).

A show of the same gang back together again would be welcome by millions of fans and that would be just bitching!!!

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita krazykray said…
I completely agree with Jackie and Hyde! They were perfect. It made me sad to see them not end up together, because he was the best with Jackie.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita gailB1224 said…
I agree. Season 8 should never have ended the way it did and the show would have been better if the show ended with season 7.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Chlarkfan said…
I hated the last season! Jackie and Hyde were meant for eachother, they were perfect and just exceptional!<3. I miss them...=/
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita kristenchappell said…
i personally didnt like the last season. i hated how donna didnt put up a fight with eric instead she goes running in his arms. and im a big jackie and hyde fan. i didnt like the episode where the both of them were mean to each other at the fun park or something. its just wrong becuase after everything it shouldve been different and i wouldve liked if they got together in those woods that night. it wouldve been nice. the wife left and jackie didnt love fez.
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita britt12345 said…
I did not like that last season because jackie and hyde shouls of stayed together and not fez also donna and eric should of never broke up.