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posted by Rubyrings
The Harrisons and Jim McCartney stood once again inside the police station, where they had taken to coming every day, refusing to give up hope, even though kwa now their boys had been gone for a month.
"I've told you, there's been no sign of either of them," the officer on duty said. "I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to handle this case anyway. No one here's seen the young McCartney boy in all this time, so we're assuming he's left Liverpool. No, it's true -" as Mr McCartney opened his mouth to argue - "we've checked the area pretty thoroughly and put up posters all over the place....
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posted by ChiliPepperLuv
I woke up the inayofuata morning, and I decided to freshen up before breakfast. When I looked up at the bathroom mirror, I saw John Lennon staring back at me. I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing clearly. Sure enough, I was seeing it. I fell to the floor and nearly fainted. I heard a knock on the door. Howard asked, "Hazel, is everything okay in there?" I said, "Everything's fine." He asked, "Are wewe sure?" I said, "Yeah, I'm coming out now." After a siku of studying, Howard said, "You have been really quiet all day. Is something troubling you, love?" I said, "I'm not really troubled. I'm...
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posted by Rubyrings
wewe all know about me - the girl who could never pick a favourite Beatle. I never answered the "Who is your favourite Beatle?" polls. I could never have chosen between those four equally loveable boys. To choose one would have seemed somehow disloyal to the other three.

Except now I have.

In my early days of fandom, I did sort of have a favourite. I never really wanted to pick one then, either, until one siku my dad asked me who was my favourite Beatle. Of course I loved them all so much in different ways, but I had been particularily attracted to John's charming smile, and the way he could outwit...
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posted by kkbeatles
A fiendish thingy!

~Basic Info:
Name: Caitlyn
Middle Name: louise
Last name of a Beatle wewe wish to Marry: Starkey
Birthday: July 1

Beatle: Ringo
Song: are wewe seriously gonna make me pick? D:
Album/Albums: Magical Mystery Tour,Beatles for sale,Rubber Soul,A Hard Day's Night
Period: Mop-tops
Accent: Ringo/George
Movie: A Hard Day's Night

You & The Beatles
Has your current favourite Beatle always been your fave?: Yes

Which song are wewe currently real into?: Right now I'm into Magical Mystery Tour

Do wewe think wewe know everything about the fab four?: Alot, could learn more!
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posted by Rubyrings
The following will begin as a sad fanfiction. This idea had been inside me for a while, and I just had to let it out now. As I said, parts of this will be very sad, and might seem out of character for me to write, so I ask wewe to remember two things. One, I live for happy endings, and would never leave a story of mine without one. Two, I would never, ever, leave the Beatles without the happiness they deserve. Please remember this disclaimer as I continue to write this fanfiction.
We begin our story in early March, 1981.

Chapter One

It had been nearly three months now, and Paul still missed John...
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Hello! I am uandishi my juu 12 inayopendelewa Beatles songs and why I upendo them! So it is hard to choose so I am going to just orodha my inayopendelewa Beatles songs because they are all my favorites!

"Here Comes The Sun" I upendo this song because it is so darn cute plus I upendo George with all my moyo so...

"Octopuses Garden" I upendo this song because I think Ringo really meant this. Just knowing how ridiculous Ringo Starr was.

"Revolution" I upendo the amazing guitar, gitaa solo at the beginning and honestly this song is true.

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" I upendo the ending of this song it is hilarious because it says "Desmond...
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Hazel was sent to the hospital to be treated for her injury upon Jeremy's insistence. The bullet had only penetrated the skin, so removal wasn't difficult. Hazel was sent nyumbani to rest. Jeremy took her nyumbani and stayed with her so that she wouldn't be recovering alone. Later, John talked with Paul and said, "I'm going to find out where Hazel lives. I want to visit with her. I never got to thank her for what she did for us." Paul said, "We'll all go." He was also very proud that John started using the word "us" again. John sent Hazel an e-mail. With Jeremy typing for her, she told John what her...
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I found this long Beatles orodha in our makala section. I am a Beatles Fan, so I will do this! (Also I upendo these filling-out games.)

~Basic Info:
Name: Layla
Middle Name: Pearl
Last name of a Beatle wewe wish to marry: Lennon (think it has a good ring to it?)

Birthday: July 22

Beatle: Johnny!
Song: You're actually asking me to choose JUST ONE, aren't you? *groans* Can't be done. I direct wewe to my makala "Rubyrings' juu Twenty Beatles Songs" for further information.
Album/Albums: Oh, so *here* I get to choose zaidi than one if I can't pick one.... All right, the answer is Help! It reminds...
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posted by Rubyrings
“Dear John,
“I’m uandishi to tell wewe not to ask me to marry you. Do not fall in upendo with me, don’t tell me wewe can’t live without me, and don’t try to be my boy friend, because none of that is allowed.
“My phone number is 666-7319, but don’t call me. It’s strictly forbidden. So is finding out my address from the return on this envelope and coming to my door to ask me out. You’re not allowed to do any of that.
“Remember: Don’t fall in upendo with me. wewe aren’t allowed.
“Yours, Emma.”

Emma Reed set down her pencil with a satisfied sigh. “What do wewe think?”
Her sister...
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Here is a orodha of all my inayopendelewa songs from each album released during the early years. Enjoy!

Please Please Me - "Anna (Go to Him)", "Ask Me Why", "Do wewe Want to Know a Secret", "Twist and Shout", "There's a Place", "Please Please Me", "I Saw Her Standing There", "P.S. I upendo You", "Love Me Do", "A Taste of Honey", and "Boys".

With The Beatles - "It Won't Be Long", "All I've Got to Do", "All My Loving", "Till There Was You", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Don't Bother Me", and "Not a sekunde Time".

A Hard Day's Night - "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You", "Any Time at All", "Can't Buy Me Love", "If...
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This is what I think a Beatles tamasha would've been like today if John and George were alive and they were all still touring together :)
(I can dream can't I?) ;)

The arena is packed as usual, filled mashabiki of all ages! The lights dim and then a spotlight shines, the Beatles emerge not dressed in suits but in their casual clothes which is okay cause they look good in anything they wear.

The crowd is shouting, throwing jellybabies and flowers. John catches a rose and dramatically sniffs it before handing it to Paul and somehow Paul ends up with the stem making him smirk. John is so funny!

Then they...
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posted by Rubyrings
Stunned silence, and then the four lads burst into various cheers.
A gig tonight! Their first gig - well, not really their first, the boys saw the department-store gig from last mwezi as their first, but their first one that their hosts actually wanted them to play! "Where are we going?" cried Winston happily.
Of course, kwa now his bandmates all knew the answer. "To the toppermost of the poppermost!"
Brian was looking very pleased for the lads. "Your gig starts at eight tonight, so I'll be here at seven to drive wewe over; as I'm your manager, I'd like to come along and see how wewe do. Have you...
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posted by RocknRollSoul60
Hello, everyone! RocknRollSoul60 here, and I am uandishi about my juu ten Beatles songs and why I upendo them. Anyway, I guess I'll get started.

1. "Good siku Sunshine"
This song is my favourite, because it's just beautiful. I upendo the lyrics. "I'm in love, and it's a sunny day." This song always cheers me up when I'm sad. Peaceandlove67 actually sang this song to me one siku when I was sad, and I felt better.

2. "Do wewe Want to Know a Secret?"
I've always been attracted to good upendo songs. It makes me think of maybe someday finding a special someone. When I do, I would sing that song to her. Hopefully,...
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I started liking them only this year. My sister alisema "Hey, you've got to listen to these guys. You're going to upendo them!" So I listened. I alisema "They're so amazing! What was that song called?" she alisema "You Like Me Too Much." And I alisema "What? No I don't" She alisema "No, wewe idiot! That's the song title." And I alisema "Ohhhh, I get it." That's just how I got started liking them. After a while, I did some research on them. I soon became obsessed with them. (Especially George Harrison.)

So, as I became more, and zaidi obsessed, I became over-obessed. I found out their height's, inayopendelewa color's,...
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posted by ChiliPepperLuv
The inayofuata night, John was signing autographs. One person in the crowd was Mark David Chapman. He thanked John and left. Little did John know, Chapman had a sinister plan, to kill him. After signing autographs, he met up with Paul and Yoko. The three of them were talking, Mark David Chapman lurked in the shadows. He came out of the shadows and shouted, "Mr. Lennon!" He had a gun. John said, "I had a feeling this would happen sooner au later." uigizaji quickly, Paul cried, "No, not on MY watch!" He pushed John out of the way. As the two fell to the ground, shots rang out. Witnesses were horrified....
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Hello, fellow Beatles fans. Today, I am uandishi my juu 20 inayopendelewa Beatles songs. In this list, I will explain why I like the song, and I will orodha the lyric that sticks out to me. This excludes cover songs. They have to be originally kwa the Beatles.

1. "While My guitar, gitaa Gently Weeps"
I really like this song, because it has beautiful lyrics and an amazing guitar, gitaa solo. I fell in upendo with it from the moment I heard it. Over all, it's a really beautiful song.
Lyric that sticks out to me: "I don't know why nobody told wewe how to unfold your love."

2. "Come Together"
I really like this song. The reasons...
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~Basic Info:
Name: Kathleen (Kate)
Middle Name: Elizabeth
Last name of a Beatle wewe wish to Marry: Harrison O.o

Birthday: Take a ch-ch-ch-chance!!!! December 9

Beatle: George
Song: ACKKKKK!!!!! hmmmm.....perhaps...Across the Universe
Album/Albums: Revolver
Period: '65
Accent: George <3
Movie: Help!
You & :
When did wewe first like The Beatles?: Since forever, but it really skyrocketed this summer

Has wewe current favourite Beatle always been your fave?: Nope. It was Paul.

Which song are wewe currently real into?: siku Tripper

Do wewe think wewe know everything about the fab four?: A lot. Everyone...
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Hello! This is the Beatles Song Alphabet Challenge (A-Z) I challenge you, yes you, to come up with Beatles songs according to the beginning letter!
Now, the rules:
You can skip letters. wewe can't use cover songs (sorry!) and they can be early au late Beatle songs. And the is three songs and no same word twice, Ex: All together, now, All my loving.

Now let's see how far I can go!

A-All My Loving, A Hard Day's Night

B-Because, Blackbird

C-Can't Buy Me Love, Come Together

D-Don't Bother Me, Dear Prudence

E-Eleanor Rigby

F-Fixing A Hole

G-Getting Better, Girl

H-Help!, Hello, Goodbye

I-I'm Happy Just...
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posted by Rubyrings
"How did..." stammered Paul, briefly wondering if he should deny Winston had his name right, but he knew it was no use. Besides, he didn't have the energy to try.
Still smiling in slight annoyance, Winston sat down on the steps inayofuata to Paul and, in answer to Paul's unfinished question, spread the large piece of paper across both their laps. Paul's mouth went dry. It was a missing person poster, and he could see his own face staring back at him, those arched eyebrows and long eyelashes that were unmistakable to anyone who knew him. The uandishi said: MISSING: PAUL McCARTNEY and explained how he...
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posted by Rubyrings
The inayofuata couple of days passed in a blur of practising what Brian had advised. The boys played their songs in their hotel room, and in between they practised speaking to an imaginary audience the way he had alisema they should. At first, the foursome all took turns doing this, but Paul loved being the one to speak to the mashabiki so much that he started taking zaidi and zaidi turns, until at last his bandmates decided to just let Paul do all the talking on stage.
On the siku after their adventure in the department store, Brian took the boys to get haircuts. He advised them to all pick the same hairstyle:...
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