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Fan fiction by vicgordilo posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
fan of it?

INTRODUCTION.- Sheldon bought several tickets on a national sweepstakes which awarded four (4) tickets for a two-week Caribbean cruise with cast members of the nyota TREK TV shows (TOS, NG, DS9 and Voyager). In order to enjoy the full nyota TREK experience, the guys (except Leonard) agree to incarnate a different TREK character: Sheldon (Spock), Howard (Quark) and Rajesh (Khan). Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door and invites her to jiunge (she would be Yeoman Janice Rand; Sheldon gives her the 100% replica costume). Penny in principle declines the invitation since she feels things will be odd between her and Leonard, but then she is surprised when Sheldon tells her that Leonard is not going to the cruise, that instead he took a short sabbatical at Caltech and went nyumbani to New Jersey just 3 days ago. Penny, confused, asked Sheldon why nobody told her; Sheldon at first says:” Well, wewe haven’t asked for Leonard in over a week!” and then takes her to his apartment and shows a pre-recorded message Leonard had left. In it, Leonard explains that he is too broken hearted, and was going nyumbani to “find a way to be able to...