A orodha of 50 simple rules from The Big Bang Theory

TBBT Rules

1. For some reason, Captain Sweat Pants has always to be in the comic book store

2. If wewe daydream with Bolliwood, that doesn´t make wewe gay

3. If wewe don´t check your messages, we will descend to anarchy

4. The fourth Harry Potter movie was just fine

5. Everything beats "Enchanted bunny"

6. The Chesscake Factory freezer locks out from the outside

7. wewe don´t watch Babylon 5

8. "It´s not what it looks like" means "It is what it looks like"

9. wewe only can drink hot chokoleti in months with an "r" on them

10. wewe can swear to cow

11. If wewe smile, try not to kill Batman

12. Only Meemaw can call wewe Moonpie

13. Three against Sheldon means that you´re taking the train

14. Whispering "Do not make a sound" it´s a sound

15. Be afraid of chicken

16. If wewe are a bad person, you´ll reborn as a banana, ndizi slug

17. Seeing Katee Sackhoff in the bth tub is a real class act

18. We all know what is your "Koala face"

19. Geography is not a real cience

20. A tiara is too much

21. Just don´t sit in Sheldon spot

22. Bitches be crazy

23. If wewe have a friend who is female, wewe comunnicate on a daily bases with her, that doesn´t mean she is your girlfriend

24. Lenny hates Shenny, Shenny hates Lenny, they both hate Shamy, and Shamy doesn´t understeand what the frack is going on

25. After saying "Dick", add "ensian" au "tator"

26. Always watch if your teddy kubeba has a webcam

27. Always knock three times

28. It´s not Openheimer, it´s "Zazzy"

29. Have a Lalita before meet the Grasshoppper

30. Everything is zaidi flattering if the other person is homosexual

31. Check your engine ligth

32. The hero always peeks

33. Learn Finissh if download is taking forever

34. Hot girl in Sheldon´s office means she is lost

35. The "Tur-Brisk-Fill" is not as good as it sounds

36. What goes around, comes around. Even with space poop

37. That evolution is a fact, it´s just an opinion

38. Girls don´t count Klingon

39. wewe can´t go to a comic book store if wewe don´t know what is a multivers

40. Sad is not sick

41. wewe can´t lose your virginity in a bike

42. wewe will miss whistleling

43. Three months in the Nort Pole with Sheldon, and you´ll reborn as a billionare with wings

44. Sometimes, "Coffee" doesn´t mean "Coffee"

45. Always remember, there are six seasons of "Sex and the city"

46. "PMS" and "AA" are not good names

47. Never make Wolowits choose between sex and Halo III

48. Toby is a stupid name for a cricket

49. It´s fun to say "Schnaps"

50. Never try to blend in with Toy Story

Hope wewe liked it... Sorry about the Shamy, Shenny and Lenny comment... just have to alisema it because I´m pro all ships in TBBT