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Eleanor and Brittany

Like Alvin and Simon, Eleanor and Brittany fight sometimes. Brittany makes Eleanor mad at times. However, Eleanor is protective of Brittany and Eleanor loves her sister.

Eleanor and Jeanette

Eleanor and Jeanette have a very close relationship. Eleanor is with Jeanette most of the time, Eleanor is also protective of Jeanette. However, despite her protection of Jeanette she cares for Jeanette as much as she cares for her sister Brittany.

Jeanette and Brittany

Jeanette isn't brave enough to stand up to Brittany when Brittany takes advantage of Jeanette. But Brittany loves her sister and is protective of Jeanette. Even though Brittany and Jeanette may fight, they still upendo each other.
posted by Xuan_A123
I’m done with all of wewe role players. I know you’re doing this for fun but some of wewe are taking this too far kwa saying things like: “I own the Chipettes” and “I am Brittany.” wewe are not. Please quit it. I really hope that all of wewe are looking back at your past selves and saying “man I should be zaidi mature”. Hopefully most, if not all of wewe have matured kwa now. I really can’t take this any more. It’s hard to tell all of wewe over and over to stop. But I’ll say this one last time. Please, stop offending others and claiming their work as your own. That’s stealing. wewe could get caught and reported to authorities and police. Thank wewe for your time. I now rest my case.
posted by BrittanyKitty
hujambo guys it's me, Brittany Miller! I am the cartoon, not the CGI so don't flip :) I don't have big cheeks like that girl and I am TOTALLY beautiful!! WOW that sounded vain but oh well. Well I'm glad wewe guys like my band!! I hope wewe continue to post maswali and topics and other stuff on here. I upendo this club!! I'm so happy that someone made it- they are AWESOME!! Please let me know if it was you- I want to be your shabiki ASAP!!
Do wewe guys have sisters? Are they cool? My sisters are BEAST- we can do anything together!
Have wewe ever had a crush? I have a MONSTER crush on Alvin Seville but I don't want him to know so I always fight with him... I'm a little confused when it comes to love. sigh. Oh well. I'll figure it out someday.
Have any of wewe become a shabiki of the FREAKISH page? I HAVE!! Me and the girl who made it, isabella au something are the only mashabiki so far so JOIN!!
1.What is your inayopendelewa color?
B.Blue and/or purple

2.If wewe had a siku to do whatever wewe wanted to do,what would wewe do?
B.Do some internet research au catch up on some reading.
C.EAT junk, taka FOOD!!!Donuts....XD

3.Which chipmunk would wewe date?

4.What color hair do wewe have?
A.I'm a redhead.
B. I am Brunette<3

5.How do wewe WEAR your hair?
A.Just a ponytail.
B.Kind of over my head;it's a different look.

6.Would wewe survive in the wild?
A.Heck no!My hair would get all frizzed up and I'd have to sleep...OUTSIDE.And why would...
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posted by spear230
The ways of the chipettes

Brittany and Eleanor may fight.

Brittany and Jeanette may fight.

But Eleanor and Jeanette don't fight.

Brittany is the beauty.

Jeanette is the brains.

Eleanor is the brawn.

The chipettes imba ability is what makes them special.

Through team work the girls can accomplish anything even when thing get tough for them.

The girls have their own personalities and hobbies.

The leader of the trio is Brittany.

The strong girl is Eleanor.

The intelligent girl is Jeanette.

Three beautiful girls who are the counterparts of the chipmunks and the girls even have relationships with the boys
posted by Chipettes33
Brittany is the lead singer and eldest sister of the Chipettes, and is the female counterpart of Alvin. She has a pleasing facial and physical appearance, but at times can be vain and self-serving with the extreme desire to have whatever she wants. Often Brittany is happy to outdo others she dislikes, mainly this is shown when her arguments with Alvin grow into bets. This often establishes the plot of the episode. Sometimes she can go to extreme points of either getting what she wants au outdoing Alvin in a bet au contest. She has auburn hair which is seen in a stylized ponytail, blue eyes,...
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posted by ToriKelly5
I've been wanting to make this for a while. This is a cover of the chipettes' song, munk man, not copyright intended.


Batgirl, she's who wewe call when you've Lost it all and need to be saved!
Batgirl, walks though the fire, nothing to dire, she'll save the day!

Do wewe know the bat, the bat, the girl?
Do wewe know the bat, the bat, the bat girl?
Do wewe know the bat, the bat , the bat girl?
Do wewe know the bat, the bat, the bat girl?

Batgirl, she's who wewe call when you've Lost it all and need to be saved !
Batgirl, walks though the fire, nothing to dire, she'll save the day!

✋🌟 I own nothing at all! If wewe dislike my fanfic song, text to my inbox. Not in the comments. If wewe write, I'll futa it.
Credits go to DC comics , chipettes and songwriters. 🌞