Understand something McG. Christian Bale isn't just a good screen presence, he takes good projects that have good authors and competent directors behind them. Mary Herron and Christopher Nolan are two people everyone knows wewe can rest assured with when wewe put your name on a project. McG you're talented and gets lots of bumper I'm sure, but being the most creative one in K301 Business Administration doesn't matter to the upper echeleon of ACTUALLY GOOD FILMS and Christian Bale's anger comes from the fact that only arrowone and a few good mashabiki on fanpop understand this. Bale could very easily take projects that cater just to people who want to sleep with him, but he doesn't. He gets 70 pounds if he has to. He beats himself up to get real looking bruises. And gosh darnit his face is what every single comic book Frank Miller and Alan Moore and all these guys make the leading guy's face out to look like through simple stenciling. It's like when Tarantino figured out that Uma Thurman's face with those big eyes is exactly the way any white woman is drawn kwa japanimation dragon ball z akiri artists. But I digress. The fact is that Bale knows deep down that while lots of Americans know the difference between Christopher Nolan and McG, he knows that NOBODY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA GIVES A DAMN SO THEY DON'T AND DON'T CARE. What McG puts on the screen is what the world's current impression will be about Christian Bale and Bale was zaidi then happy to let this happen when it was Nolan, but this is different. This is not a visionary. This is a guy who gets lots of sex because while his other Marafiki make 50,000 as equity managers, he makes millions. Bale could work under any of these people if he wanted to. What he wants to do is make a damn good Terminator franchise like he did with Batman and like what arrowone thinks he SHOULD be doing in the future with say RoboCop, the Predator, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Madmax. Die Hard 4 was really cool, otherwise I'd say Die Hard Begins would be great if Bale was doing it too. And dakika before lashing out at the director of upigaji picha of a McG movie, Bale was probably thinking about how crappy and hollow the whole project COULD be and in his mind he was citing examples, one of which being the way McG's films are FILMED. He was no doubt ready to snap at any and all elements he could snap at concerning the upigaji picha without actually lunging at McG and getting dubbed as the inayofuata Lindsay Lohan. (Who, though Sarah Jayne Dunn would have been good? Is the only Harley Quinn America deserves. Lindsay Lohan as Harley Quinn. Yes. I want to write that and make it Batman 3. In fact, the inayofuata makala I write's going to be my story for Batman 3. Trash it if wewe want, I don't care, because it's Frank Miller's story not mine. So in summation, MCG PLEASE DON'T SCREW UP TERMINATOR PLEASE? I'M SURE YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HOT AND SO IS YOUR WIFE I'M SURE BUT DON'T HURT TERMINATOR.