So this is the third review I've done on this club, which means after this leaves Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia and Moana. But right now we will focus on Wreck it Ralph. I will do the same categories as the other two reviews.

First Impression

This movie, I was actually really interested and excited to see, and although I wasn't blown away, I certainly wasn't disappointed either. From the first commercial I saw, I knew it would be a really creative plot, and I was right!


In my opinion, the characters wasn't the best part of the movie, as I found the whole universe zaidi interesting, but I was really surprised kwa how well done the characters were. I loved all the characters I was supposed to like, and hated all the characters I wasn't supposed to like- that doesn't happen a lot.

The first few times I watched it I found Felix a little annoying, but after a few times I really liked him. However, from the beginning, Vanellope had been my inayopendelewa and I had related to both her and Ralph, but zaidi so Vanellope as I related to feeling like I was useless.


As I alisema before, I thought the universe itself was really creative, and because of this, so was the plotline. I thought it was such a creative little story, and I really enjoyed it. However, I did feel like at times they were going in circles with the plot and at some points it was rather predictable.

It's one of those sinema where after a few times it got boring, but nevertheless, it was great.


Although this isn't exactly a "musical" per say, the soundtrack was still amazing and perfectly fitting.

Overall Message

I did like the ujumla, jumla message, that everyone has roles in life, and it's the person's choice to do what we do with them. I think it's a good lesson, and I thought it was well done, even if it was brought up over and over again. I think their point was straightforward and well made.

Critical Reviews

Honestly, not many people talk about this movie, and it is kind of upsetting. For the most part, though, I have heard many good things when this movie is talked about, and it did make enough money to get a sequel, though. I still feel like the Disney Fanbase does not give Wreck it Ralph the recognition it deserves.


There aren't many things, I personally could connect to, which greatly upset me. However, I did connect strongly with Vanellope Von Schweetz, who was my inayopendelewa character.

She got bullied and was told she was worthless, which, in the sad honest truth happens a lot in many high schools throughout the country. In this case, Vanellope makes a strong role model, which is an unpopular opinion. While she was bullied, she still managed to pick herself up and try to prove everyone else wrong.

What I would've done differently.

I think I would have shown zaidi villains in their perspective games, and I wouldn't have the plot go in circles.I feel like the movie wouldn't have dragged in as much if there had been zaidi to the plot, but that's just my opinion.

Overall Opinion

I thought it was great! Although it is my sekunde least inayopendelewa movie in the Revival Era, but again I like them all.[/i]Wreck it Ralph[/i] was worth the watch, and I'm surely looking mbele to the sequel!

Buckle up, my lovelies! inayofuata I'm reviewing Frozen