So here we have my sekunde to last individual review on this era. I actually am excited for my over all review of the era, but I need to do my last two reviews. Anyway, enough of that here's the review of Zootopia.

First Impression

I'll be completely honest with you, when it was first announced, I thought it was going to be stupid. Then, I only have a very vague description of it- a movie about a city with talking animals. However, the zaidi commercials I watched the zaidi interested I became and wow! I was impressed! It was such a great movie!


Okay I really enjoyed the characters and how they were built up!

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde were basically a unromantic version of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel a little bit (but not ripoffs). I actually liked how they weren't in a romantic relationship. Yes, I don't mind romantic relationships, but I think they were perfectly fine as friends.

I actually preferred Nick over Judy, even though both are amazing, and I kind of wish he were the protagonist. I don't know, it was enjoyable seeing the story through Judy's eyes, but I would've preferred to see it zaidi through Nick's eyes. But that's my opinion. It was great either way.


I found the plot was a little dark, but it was done in a cute way. It showed problems in our society today not just with race but just how people treat each other. They are prejudiced and judge mental. I think that's what made the plot so creative.

The plot surrounded Judy and Nick, who both were treated differently. Nick, was treated like a monster because he was a predator and because of something that happened years before he was even born. Judy was treated like a weakling, and had no chance to prove herself before everyone started doubting her. This was a story about them proving themselves, against a stereotype, and I really thought it was a strong way of doing so.


Once again, this wasn't a musical but the muziki still was fantastic. I really thought "Try Anything was a fitting song."

Overall Message

I really liked the ujumla, jumla message about about finding oneself. I thought it was a very important message, especially in today's society. They had a very creative way of sending the message they wanted to send.

Critical Reviews

Obviously this film was well received kwa audiences. It won an Oscar, it ended up being the third highest grossing Disney movie, only being beat kwa Frozen and The Lion King and got a lot of well deserved love, and I'm happy for that.


As I alisema before, this movie is an accurate depiction of today's society. It ujumla, jumla outlines stereotyping and prejudice very well, in a new and creative way. I am starting to sound like a broken record, but it's true. It was one of my inayopendelewa things about the movie.

What I would have done differently

Although the movie was really well done, I'd still preferred Nick to be the main protagonist zaidi than Judy. I really upendo both and I think the movie was still really good, but I still would have preferred this.

Overall Opinion

Overall, it was a really great movie and one of my inayopendelewa Disney movies, as well as my inayopendelewa Revival era movie.

Last but not least is Moana!