The bathroom tamasha series idea came from a Youtube sensation Rin on the Rox. These 2 girls performed in their bathroom because of the acoustics.
What happened? Who where there? All is to be found here:

Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series Begins!

Ellen began her very own tamasha series and her first guest was none other than Pink! This series does stray just a bit from the norm because it happens to take place in a bathroom!

Ellen Sings in the Bathroom with John Mayer!

Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series continued in a duet with Grammy-winner John Mayer! Watch as the two of them put their own special spin on... "Just Dance"!

Ellen Performs Solo... In the Bathroom!

Before launching her "official" Bathroom tamasha Series, Ellen warmed up with a solo performance! We promise you've never heard "Umbrella" sound quite like this!

Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series Welcomes Lily Allen!

Our Bathroom tamasha Series continued with Lily Allen and Ellen imba a duet of Britney Spears' "Womanizer"!

Ellen Sings in the Bathroom with Fall Out Boy!

Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series has been taking the country kwa storm! Not only are nyumbani viewers joining in on the action, but Ellen's guests are requesting to participate! Check out today's installment with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump!

Bret Michaels Sings in the Bathroom with Ellen's Audience -- Web Exclusive!

After Ellen chose a lucky audience member to sing with Bret as part of her Bathroom tamasha Series, it became clear than just one vocal companion wasn't enough! Ellen then invited as many mashabiki as she could pack into the restroom -- and the result is an online exclusive!

The White Tie Affair's Bathroom tamasha Series Submission!

When Ellen asked nyumbani viewers to send in video of themselves imba in the bathroom, she never would have guessed that established bands would jiunge in on the fun! That's exactly what happened when The White Tie Affair imewasilishwa this unexpected (and hysterical) entry!

Carol Burnett Sings in the Bathroom with Ellen!

Watch as Ellen interviews Carol for the first time -- and relives some of her classic televisheni moments! Then stick around as the two comediennes enter Ellen's bathroom to perform a very familiar tune!

Bathroom tamasha Series Finalists -- Uncut for the Web!

Stephanie Cappello and her brother Mike Masiello were one of the first to submit for Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series. They didn't quite win it all, but Ellen was still impressed -- so much so that she still invited the duo to perform in her backstage bathroom!

Jennifer Hudson Joins Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series!

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson joined Ellen for an unbelievable bathroom performance! We think you'll agree that calling this the best and most hilarious entry in the series would be a huge understatement!

Ellen and Portia's Bathroom Duet -- Extended for the Web!

Ellen couldn't allow her wife to leave the studio before taking part in her wildly successful Bathroom tamasha Series! Watch this special extended edition of the happy couple imba a very well-known duet made famous by... Sonny & Cher!

Katy Perry Joins Ellen's Bathroom tamasha Series!

Katy joined Ellen in the bathroom and the two of them sang one of her biggest hits! Kissing a girl and liking it is apparently quite contagious!

Pictures and video can be found right here on the Ellen Degeneres onyesha Spot!!!