Dear Ellen, I'm uandishi wewe on behalf of my daughter, Kelley Wilson. She is 42 and has been through Hell and back, She Lost her fiancé'  Bert, On my Birthday on November 7th. He was 42  diabetic and bilateral below knee amputee ., walked on prosthetic legs, bowled and loved each other very much. He passed away in the hospital unexpectedly. She and my grandchildren loved him and are Lost now.He was not the kids father but loved them.
He bought a car for her and she will loss it because he made the payments , and helped her with the bills, She lives in a house I am paying for  and now will have to pay all of house payment , utilities.
etc. I'm 68 and still working part time and not sure how long I will be able to and she will loss the house if something happens to me. She needs help desperately
 Sent a picture of Kelley and Bert.

Thank wewe so much
Donna Johnson