This is a story about a friend who asked a friend for a ride to the church , chakula pantry. The driver of the friend receiving assistance , who is also related to the director of the chakula pantry had to walk out due to discrimination. The director went out of bounds, kwa rude actions forcing the driver to not only walk out and not be able to help friend stock up on food. But also proceeds to tell friend , that driver is not allowed to come back. Then the driver calls the church to ripoti this discrimination and they tell driver that chakula pantry is separate from church. So driver asked what to do about reporting such a matter and church secretary says Pastor will be in contact with driver. The director of chakula pantry is only uigizaji this way towards driver because it is her ex-daughter in-law . The friend and driver thought this would make a great onyesha because it shows the lack of care in the church, as well as discrimination amongst a family.