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hujambo everyone.
So, for those of wewe who want to nominate just one person, not a story, this is what wewe should do:
comment below with their user name and the site their on.
I wonder who the best shabiki fiction writer of 2010 will be.
I get a feeling it'll be HecateA. She has amazing shabiki fictions. If wewe like PJO au HOO, check them out.
And below, I'll orodha all of the nominees.
You can nominate until December 24, 2010 at 3:00 PM Eastern time. The voting for this category will begin around 3:30 Eastern time... au earlier.
For this, I decided not to do rounds, we're just going to vote and see who wins be...
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So, I'm backa again with zaidi nominees! Harry Potter this time.
I need twelve nominees, and I only have three right now. Any suggestions? wewe can maoni below au tell me on the forums.
Sites Nominees are from:
And the nominees are:
1) Minerva- mbalzar- fanpop
2) Harry Potter Meets Percy Jackson- damenber- wattpad
3)Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Vampire Academy Meet- goddessoflife- wattpad
Since we don't have that many nominees, fanpop wants me to post this in the forums, so please ignore au read the following:
I will not post on the forums. I will not post on the forums. I will not post on the forums. I will not post on the forums. I will not post on the forums. I will not post on the forums. I will not post on the forums.
Long enough, now? I hope so. :)
We have more! Yay :)
4) Sorely Missed and Sadly Remembered- Delilah Kelley- fanfiction
5) Too Much upendo Will Kill You- Delilah Kelley- fanfiction
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Vampire Academy is definatly in this because, well, it's awesome like that.
The orodha isn't finished yet. I need twelve in each category, but if we don't reach that, it'll be okay. We'll just have to work around some things.
The sites for this category:
The nominees for the 2010 shabiki Fiction Awards are...
1) Forty Weeks of Hell- CeilidhMae- fanfiction
2) Adrian's Daughter- Five Elements- fanfiction
3) Pretty Much the Same- XxHollywood VampirexX- fanfiction
4) Another Rose- Little.Ana- fanfiction
5) upendo Fades, Mine has Spirit Alternative- BelikovsRoza1679- fanfiction

I'm going to let voting begin today because good VA shabiki fictions are hard to find because pretty much no one can live up to how awesome Richelle Mead's uandishi is.
So, voting for round one will end on December 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM Eastern time.
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1) Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ The Heroes of Olympus

2) Vampire Academy

3) The 39 Clues

4) The Hunger Games

5) The Clique

6) Immortals Series

7) Pretty Little Liars

8) House of Night

9) The Chronicles of Narnia

10) Harry Potter

11) Twilight

12) The Kane Chronicles

13) The Darkest Powers Trilory

14) Blue Bloods

15) Diary of a Wimpy Kid

16) The Fallen Series

I'll add zaidi soon. :D
Don't forget to nominate people in each category kwa December 31 Eastern time.
Some of these won't have a group until the 26 au 27, so remember to nominate as soon as the makala for that certain category comes out.
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Before wewe read any further, if wewe want to nominate, GO HERE:

Now, here are the people who have been nominated so far! I have everything put into their categories.
At the end of each category, I have added a counter. It tells wewe how many shabiki fictions are in each category out of how many are allowed.

Best shabiki Fiction ujumla, jumla
The Son of Neptune- HecateA (fanpop)
The Last Song was Perfect- HecateA (fanpop)
Addison Zander- Greenstergirl
Harry Potter and the Final Chapter- LMB3 (HaryyPotterFanFiction)
Sorely Missed and Sadly Remembered- Delilah Kelley (fanfiction)
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Ello, everyone!
I'm going to tell wewe about THE PJO shabiki Fiction Awards 2010, which, strangely enough, will be held in 2011. o_O
Anyways, this is the sekunde makala I've written today, and I'm super tired, so please don't get upset over spelling mistakes.
Now, we need some nominees! I know this sounds weird, but I'm putting mine in and several other ones. The reason I'm putting mine is because, well, I want to see how many kura I can get. I don't care about winning. O also need zaidi nominees than what I have. Open voting will begin after I have a bunch of nominees, and then we'll do this (just...
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And here they are! The 2011 results!

First the nominees! (Great job wewe guys! You're all amazing!)
HecateA (fanpop)
Greenstergirl (fanpop)
Delilah Kelley (fanfiction)
Aphroditeskid21 (fanpop)
vlad_todd_fan (fanpop)
Ghost of Bambi (fanfiction)
Gryffin_Duck (HPFF)
goddessoflife (wattpad/fanpop)
jlmill9 (fanpop)
Partypony (fanpop)
childofaelus (fanpop)
Amphitrite (fanpop)
jar55jar (fanpop)
sunsanj (fanpop)
Slygoddess (fanfiction)
AnonoymousDuo (fanfiction)
Emily_is_COOl (fanpop)
AnnabethC (fanpop)
ZoeNightshade26 (fanpop)
Kaylap 1410 (fanpop)
POJO45 (fanpop)
Elyse Gaines (fanfiction)...
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So, hi. I know, I know. I should have finished this a long time ago. But anyways, The shabiki Fiction Awards of 2010 were a complete mess.
So, only two categories actually did finish!
Congrats, HecateA, wewe just so happened to win BOTH of those categories!
She won:
Best shabiki Fiction Author/Writer
Best Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus shabiki fiction!

Great job, Hecate! wewe definatly deserve the awards!
I also want to tell the nominees they were wonderful as well. Everyone really did a good job on their shabiki fictions.
The 2011 shabiki fiction awards nominations have begun!

One zaidi thing- okay, wait-...
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1) Percy Jackson & The Olympians/ The Heroes of Olympus= PJO/HOO

2) Vampire Academy= VA

3) The 39 Clues- 39Clues

4) The Hunger Games- THG

5) The Clique- TC

6) Immortals Series- IS

7) Pretty Little Liars- PLL

8) House of Night- HON

9) The Chronicles of Narnia- CON

10) Harry Potter- HP

11) Twilight- Twilight

12) The Kane Chronicles- TKC

13) The Darkest Powers Trilogy- DPT

14) Blue Bloods- BB

15) Diary of a Wimpy Kid- DWK

16) The Fallen Series- TFS

So, that's all of them for now. If wewe have an series that wewe want added into the categories, let me know and I'll check out the series, and see if it's really awesome and epic... yep.