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This The Heroes of Olympus sanaa ya shabiki contains picha, headshot, and closeup.

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Source: Google xD I added the text :P ...(I know it was orginally a Pithos, but forget that for now, LOL!)
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Heroes of olympus
rick riordan
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Heroes of Olympus is copyrighted to Rick Riordan and Disney, The song C'mon was performed kwa Panic! At The Disco Feat. FUN. Video put onto Youtube kwa 1123NE not me, okay?
Heroes of olympus
percy jackson
rick riordan
son of neptune
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MUSIC:Linkin park, Paramore, Evanescence.
BOOKS:Morganville vampires, The Hunger Games.
MOVIES: The Covenant, The Craft.
T.V:Angel, Glee, Underbelly Razor.

Okay, hi.
I don't usually write things out on the internet, but what happened to me today? The world needs to know about it.
All my life, my dad has told me that just because I have ADD and dyslexia, doesn't make me stupid au wrong, it makes me 'different' and 'unique'.
Yeah, right. Apparently, according to the insane people I met today, it makes me 'special'.
Special, because I'm a demigod - a child that's...
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this reminded me of how demigods die so young au even ur upendo ones . this song makes me cry it so beautiful, i hope u like it.
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