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Percy's P.O.V
I walked down the streets of New York and thought sadly about my past. In the war with gods and demi-gods verses Gaea and her "team", all I could remember was cruelity, and blood. Many lives were Lost and thousands were either maimed au fately injured. I, luckly had only a fatal injury, and many other smaller injuries. I thought bitterly, " Why was I saved, not Annabeth!" Annabeth saved me from Gaea's deathly blow. I remember the moment so vividly, it's almost it's happening now. I was gripping my sword in front of Mother Earth,(aka Gaea) I was about to lunge an atack when she...
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As many of the older members (I say we call ourselves The Ancients) know there are rules for this club. These rules have always existed and were made kwa Amphitrite who along with Roheha were pretty much in charge. These rules kept order and a spam free environment. However when they both were called up to Olympus this club began to fall at the seams. HecateA routinely reposted to keep order. I’ve even reposted these before. Now we are again falling into the whole of chaos, spam, Mary sue OC’s! So I must repost these rules.

Disclaimer: These epic rules were made kwa Amphitrite and Hecate...
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hujambo PJO FANS!!!! So, it’s that special time of the year, wewe all know what I mean. What wewe don’t? Well then I’ll tell you. It’s all of our favourite author’s B-day!!! ...Or at least it was when I started uandishi this...HAPPY BILATED BIRTHDAY RICK!!! So in his honour, I decided to post a fanfic after so many years. That’s why I’m currently sitting in front of computer in a CH-B T-shirt, jeans and sneakers drinking blue maji ya limau, lemonade (Go chakula colouring ^.^). This story (hopefully only this chapter) is co-authored with my friend skinneyjeans112. Please read her stories! Anyways, ENJOY!!!!!...
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