Hunger Games Best Peeta's scene (THG movie)

Pick one:
The Reaping
"Have wewe ever met him? Haymitch?"
"Oh, I was just asking about how to find shelter"
"I'm proud, I'm from District 12! "
"I have no chance of winning! None! Alright? It’s true. Everybody knows it."
"I think wewe have a shadow."
"Thanks. But I uh…I don’t think winning’s gonna help me at all."
"Let’s just wait her out. She gotta come down at some point."
"I should have gone to you, I should have just gone out in the rain and…"
"You shouldn’t have gone, wewe alisema wewe weren’t gonna go."
"I’m sorry. I’m sorry."
Peeta vs Cato
"One of has to die, they have to have their victor."
"I don’t wanna forget."
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