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This Lion King sanaa ya shabiki contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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Surprisingly few have heard about Fluffy and many of those who have, are confused with all the vitabu and the sequel and stuff. Here's the story digging into facts of the timeline and looks, as well as the official words kwa the film's makers.

I originally created this makala to The Lion King Wiki as SuperBabySimba, but as Wikis can be edited kwa anyone who is confused and prefers daydreams over facts, I chose to post this original version here to help those who are interested. :)


"Let's just end on the inayofuata generation. Here's Fluffy, Simba and Nala's new little cub. Let's just end...
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On a very rainy siku in the Wildlands a little cub was born it's mum named it Zira.Zira loved her mum but one siku she died,she got killed kwa another lion in a fight for the land.Zira was very unhappy about her mum's death,so she run away into the Pridelands and when she was running she slipped and fell into the water.
When she was calling for help a different lion heard her and came to save her.Once she asked the lion "What's your name" she asked
"My name is Scar" he replied "My real name is Taka" alisema the lion,"How did wewe get the name Scar" Zira asked him and he alisema "I have an older brother...
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in the video, it shows Simba, and his family with his mom and dad.
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