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the lion king return of the king
Disney live action movie
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 Kopa and Simba
Kopa and Simba
I wrote the whole thing myself and i am hoping this is gonna be good.

*The Lion King 3: The return of kopa*

*Part 1*

The sky was reddish pink, it was turning morning the wanyama lined up for Kiara and Kovu's official wedding at the Pride Lands, Vitani stood up looking proud at her brother. Wind blew againts her brownish-gold fur, manyoya and through her bangs as she watched her brother and the other lionesses roar. Kiara and Kovu stepped up the pride rock and roared as the wanyama went wild. Kiara and Kovu hugged each other as Nala and Simba roared with them.

Later on, Simba and Nala were walking along...
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in the video, it shows Simba, and his family with his mom and dad.
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