Tina dozed off again. She smiled, as she remembered Aslan's kind eyes, and his radiance. Oh, it was magnificent. She had read in the vitabu that Aslan was in this world, but he just had a different name. Tina decided then and there that she would make it her mission to find out what Aslan's name in this world was. Then she slept.

She was awoken kwa someone shaking her. She yawned and turned over. Looking back at her were four children. "Who are you?" Tina asked sleepily, rubbing her eyes.
"Me?" asked the boy, who appeared to be the eldest. "I'm Peter." Tina was astounded. She had seen the Pevensie children with her own eyes!
"You wouldn't happen to be Peter Pevensie, kwa any chance, would you?" Tina asked, sitting up.
"Why, yes," he answered, obviously taken aback. "How did wewe know?"
"The books."
"What books?"
"Oh, never mind. Lemme guess the names of, what I make out to be, your brother and sisters."
"Alrightie then."
"Before we do, we should make a bet, just for fun."
"Sound good to me. How about..." he thought for a moment. "If wewe guess right, I have to kiss the ground at each of their feet, and if wewe get them wrong, wewe have to kiss the ground at their feet. How's that sound to you? But it's only the amount wewe get right au wrong, okay?" Tina looked away for second, because she didn't want Peter to see her smiling. She knew she was going to win, and she was trying very hard not to laugh. The High King Peter kissing the ground? She could hardly wait to see it! "Okay. Agreed," she said. "Lesse...that is Edmund," she alisema pointing at Edmund. Peter tried to hide his surprise. Tina pretended to be thinking hard. "Your sisters' names are Susan and Lucy," Tina alisema finally.
"If that's what wewe think, which one is Susan, and which is Lucy?" Tina pointed to the eldest girl. "That one is Susan, and the other is Lucy." As she alisema Lucy's name, she shifted her finger. "Did I win?" Peter nodded his head miserably. Tina saw how miserable he was. "Don't worry Peter. It was just a fun bet. wewe don't have to kiss the ground," Tina said.
"No," Peter said, taking a big breath. "I Lost the bet. I have to do it." So he got down on all fours and went through with the bet. The others were trying extremely hard not to laugh. Peter got up, his face flushed. He went down to the river and washed his face. As he washed, he realized it had been a good lesson in pride and biting off zaidi than wewe can chew. He came back and saw the others attempting to hold back laughter. When Peter started laughing, so did everyone else.
That's how Tina met the Pevensies.