The Lost Boys Movie Lost Boys Interlude/Story So Far

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Lost Boys Interlude/Story So Far

This is taken from the Lost Boys: The Tribe official site. I just found it, although I'd been on the site before, so I thought I'd put it here in case I'm not the only one who appears to be blind. :) The site wouldn't let me copy it, so I typed it and I apologize for any typos that I didn't catch. If it generally sounds weird, don't blame me - it sounded weird on the actual site, but I tried to keep everything as it was.

- Story So Far -

Shortly after the previous movie ends, Edgar and Alan become heroes for the President in Washington DC, even earning a medal of honor from the Van Helsing society. But when they return home, their lives are flipped upside down. From the murder of their parents to the destruction of Frog's Comics to more bloody battles involving Sammy's Grandfather and the Widow Johnson, the Frog Brothers remain strong and rise to the new challenges.

But things go horribly wrong, leaving Edgar to continue the quest to destroy all vampires... alone. As a new cover, he learns a trade, surfboard shaping which helps enable him to put food on his table. For many, many years, he continues to obliterate all creatures of the night. He travels throughout the United States, even gets a girlfriend for a while.

The battle between good and evil rages on. Edgar tries to bow out or at least cut back to one or two stalkings per week while focusing on other supernatural pursuits. But there always seem to be vampires that need killing and being a fighter for truth, justice and the American way, Edgar just can't stay away. The world needs him.

He moves to Luna Bay and tries to settle in under the radar. He would have stayed hidden except that two of Sammy's cousins needed help in a bad, anti-bloodsucking way.
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