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 I just upendo that grin, don't you?
I just love that grin, don't you?
So, I made loads of picks to decide your favourite The Mentalist character, and I've decided to onyesha the results in a countdown!

5: Wayne Rigsby
Coming in at number five, is the adorable Rigsby! Completely in upendo with Grace, he finally gets the girl in Red Scare. I wasn't expecting him to come out so soon, but wewe voted him out, and it's your kura that count!

4: Teresa Lisbon
In at number 4 is CBI's boss, Lisbon! This poor lady had a very troubled childhood, but has made a good reputation for herself, that Jane often seems to put in jeopardy. Number 4, Lisbon!

3: Grace van Pelt
Just missing out...
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