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Sorry, but please return back to the club. Jedigal reported it and I think she is right- this will not solve anything if I should've made this club. I knew I shouldn't have made it, but I was angered I wanted to get away from the old one.

So, please jiunge back to the Animefan66 club. Thank wewe for your response.

I would also like to remind ya'll that my mother and I are going to make an important makala explaining the real truth about my atusim and what other effects occur on myself. When ya'll do jiunge there, please read it.

I'm really sorry for this trouble, but Jedigal is apperantly not very thrilled with me right now and I would like to make her less stressfull right now. So, if ya'll could return back to the Animefan66 spot, it would make both Jedigal and I very greatful. Thank you.

This new club I created is the new updated clean version of the orginal Animefan66 club. I wanted to make this new club because the orginal one has bad stuff as well as arguments over Jedgial and Jeff.

I also wanted to take the chance into making this new club because as of now, two of my best Marafiki have ditched me in order to make themselves happy. wewe prouably know kwa now who those two people are, so I'm not going to say their names.

It's ya'll's choice on want to do. jiunge this clean club as wewe please, au stick best to the old fasioned, dirty one. Whatever your choice is is alright with...
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