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Source: Myself and Google
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Source: Myself and TGWB
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My amazing theme song, combined with the uhuishaji works of TGWB and my imaginative workings. XD ENJOY!!!
I began back a while ago...(My current channel began Oct 27, 2012)

It all started with my terrible quality LP of Sonic Generations. I hardly talked, I had to hold the camera and play at the same was terrible...

I eventually wound up getting a cameraman, Lane (Now known as TheRedHeadWarrior) but that still didn't help that I barely talked.

Then TiTaN (At the time, SilverCyber8890) came along. He commentated with me and we prerecorded...until he busted my camera. We Lost the SD card, and couldn't upload. My LPs...were devastated.

I originally created the OmegaGamingCorps under the name...
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