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Okay I do not understand why The Originals going off the air?

Okay I do not understand why The Originals is going off air..I know there are much zaidi The write intervenous and imaginative.I have and idea that they have not ever use an either onyesha Vampire Diaries au The Originals.You canpay me for this imaginative script.They should write into the script about a woman have the power to songesha object with her minds and also read Supernatural peoples minds and also Supernatural peoples minds. She not not Supernatural either she's just a moral being she has a son thats half Angel who happen to go to a regular school in Ohio.. The girl hope full deep in upendo the Half Angel. The boy have heavenly super strength and his mother six senses. l the darkness in Hope is scared of the boy . Hope first encounter him while his football at Super Mall. The strength like Samson ,but much stronger and yes we stronger Hope Dad.
 william512 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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Autumn_Heyes said:

Can wewe explain in a little zaidi detail what wewe mean when wewe say that it is going, "Off air" ?

The Spin Off from the Originals which INCLUDES Hope Mikaelson is well in the making.

What do wewe mean?
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posted miezi 9 iliyopita 
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