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posted by SuperRico
The Penguin's Past


Two decades ago...

Skipper: *tries to jump over the habitat wall, again*

Skipper's father: Skipper, how many times have I told you! No jumping over the wall!

Skipper: But Hans does it!

Skipper's father: He's a bad influence. If wewe do it, wewe might trigger your brothers to do it. And wewe know how young they are.

Skipper: *moan* Fine, dad.

Skipper's father: *Goes back into the habitat with Skipper's mother and brothers*

Skipper: This is so boring!

*Hans runs close to the habitat ukuta and sticks his tongue out at Skipper*

Hans: Skipper's such a baby! He obeys his father! He can't...
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posted by queenpalm
 "No I am not going to find the tresure!"
"No I am not going to find the tresure!"
Our Story, part 5

Sorry about the long wait, something was wrong and the picture wouldn't onyesha up.


"There," Urka said, "all better."
Rico looked up at his now fully bandaged leg.
"Thanks," he said.
Urka pulled him up and helped him into a leaf nest she had made.
"Well, want some dinner?" she asked. 
"Um, sure," Rico said. "But I think you've already-"
Urka was gone.
"Oh well," he said. "I'll wait here."
He got comfy in the nest, and soon fell asleep.
Less than an saa later, Urka was back. She shook Rico awake.
"Wake up, Sleepy," she said, "I got a fresh catch!"
Rico yawned. He looked around, then...
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posted by queenpalm

Once Rico had found his way onto the boat, he knew he had to hide from the human. He remembered his mother's advice, "When hiding from predators do something they can't do."
Since humans can seem to do anything, this seemed impossible. But, Rico had come this far, he wasn't turning back. He thought really hard, then he remembered, humans can't fly!
Penguins couldn't fly, either. Was there even a chance? Rico thought of zaidi of his mothers advice, "Humans see the world less detailed, so hide in complicated places."
"Complicated places," Rico said.
He looked around the ship, avoiding humans....
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posted by queenpalm
I am uandishi this story to onyesha others what I think happened to the penguins in earlier times. Don't get confused kwa all the names. There are lots of them.


The chick shivered. He was in the warmest nest a penguin, auk could make, yet he was still cold. He wanted to cry for his mother, but he knew she would not answer. She had gone looking for his father.
A loud noise startled the chick.
"Mama!" He cried.
"I'm coming, Rico," his mother called back to him.
As his mother came into view, the chick noticed that her...
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posted by queenpalm
 "It's a bomb, bombs explode!"
"It's a bomb, bombs explode!"

The men crowded towards Rico. They were getting awfully close. Rico wanted, and needed to jump off the boat, but the sides were too high.
"So much for saving my father," Rico mumbled. "Now I've endangered myself."
He backed up the wall, trying to get away. The men were really close, now. There was no getting away.
Just then, Rico saw a small, black ball come up over the side of the boat. It landed near his feet. The men took one look at the ball, and turned and ran the other way. Some even jumped into the water. 
Then, a pretty female penguin, auk hopped on board the boat. She pulled Rico to the...
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The Story of Manfridi and Johnson part two

"No!" Manfridi cried. He jumped in front of Skipper.

"Well, Skipper," Blowhole said. "Looks like one of your little Marafiki is trying to save you. Should I kill him too?"

"Blowhole, stop," Manfridi said. "I know wewe want Jr., and I know Skipper won't let you. Take me instead. I know I'd be zaidi valuable than him.

"Manfridi, don't," Skipper said.

"Skipper is right," Blowhole said. "Now songesha so I can shoot."

"No, take me," Manfridi said. 

"If wewe insist," Blowhole said. He shot. 

We all dodged it. It hit the other side of the cage and burned it. We jumped...
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This is for the makala theme thing.

The Story of Manfridi and Johnson

Here we are, in the lair of the Doctor. 

We are all shivering, but it isn't because of the cold. It is everything but that. 

Skipper keeps telling us not to be scared, but we know that he is too. Manfridi holds Jr. close, and starts to cry. I want to cry too. 

Then he comes. The evil villain, the one who brought us here. The one who locked us up. The one that will be responsible for our death.

Dr. Blowhole.

Skipper goes up to the side of the cage(Yes, we are in a cage). Blowhole meets him there.

"What do wewe want from us," he...
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Source: Me!
posted by queenpalm
I am uandishi this to onyesha others what I think happened to the penguins in earlier times. Don't get confused kwa all the names. There are lots of them.

Rico had been swimming for a full ten dakika now, and he was really tired. Finally, he saw a rock, and swam towards it.
Once Rico got to the rock, he jumped onto it, and almost fell asleep. His eyelids were getting heavy, and he was weary.
Rico closed his eyes, and thought of his mother. She must've been so mad and sad to wake up and find her only chick...
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