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Name: John Smith a.k.a Four

Cepan: Henri a.k.a Brandon

Parents: Liren and Lara

Best Friend: Sam Goode

upendo interests:
Sarah Hart
Six a.k.a Maren Elizabeth

Pet: Bernie Kosar a.k.a Hadley (Chimera)

Human Ally/ facilitator: Malcolm Goode (Sam's father)

Natural abilities:
Enhanced senses
Super strength
Super Speed
Higher intelligence

Lumen (light and resistance to fire)
Telepathy (Communicate with your mind)
Precognition (See glimpses of the future)
Communicate with animals
Others are undeveloped

Places lived:
Northern California

4th of 10 children destined to replace the original 10 Elders. When their planet was destroyed, they came to Earth to hide and develop their legacies, so that they would one siku be able to rise up and defeat the Mogodorians. He is at times overconfident and impulsive, often thinking with his moyo rather than his head.