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this movie is one of my inayopendelewa Disney films so here's my ranking of the characters I like au dont like, please enjoy! =)


this guy is a jerk but honestly i cant blame him entirely, he spent his life being put down and used kwa others so i kinda understand his anger and I'm sorry he made bad decisions but yeah, he wasnt a good friend to naveen of course.


*waits for torches and pitch forks from tumblr tiana fans* yea guess what, I'm not a big tiana fan. at one point I was, I thought she was pretty and classy and cool but now I find her boring and overrated. she's the first black princess,...
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Here is an makala on my favourite characters from PATF.

Tiana: The first African American Princess from Disney Tiana is a hardworking waitress in 1920’s New Orleans. She dreams of opening up her own restaurant out of her tips that she gets from her current place as a waitress. She is a kuvuka, msalaba between cinderella and Belle (well I think anyway) because she’s hardworking like the two princesses I mentioned below.

Naveen: He has to be my favourite prince because his so witty and a real charmer(aka a womanizer). He gets transformed into a frog kwa Dr Faciller who is the villain in the movie.

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posted by JarethFan
"Naveen, what are wewe doing?" she asked turning around. "well well well, look who's messing with the Voodoo man's daughter." Tiana alisema frowning. "lemme fix that Naveen." He looked up at her. "But eatch out for the mucus, no?" Tiana sighed. "Ok Ok i know." she alisema kissing him. Sparkles were everywhere. "How did this happen? I mean- I-I" Tiana alisema confused. Her hands were once again green, and she was slimy with mucus again. "But i'm a princess though... Mama Odie said..." Tiana alisema thinking. Naveen looked at her. She was so beautiful.... But how can he tell her about... "Naveen, it's back...
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posted by LisaForde
Ok I never seen this movie as its not out yet in Ireland but I did see some clips and I would like to point out some things on the movie:

1. The prince sounds like Antonio Banderas yet he reminds me of Jean Bob from The swan Princess meets Dimtri in human form from Anastasia.

2. The small little man who poses as the prince later in the film is so like Nathanial from Enchanted aka Timothy Spall.

3. The story i'd say could be another deja vu like Enchanted which is my fav film.

4. This movie reminds me of a twisted version of Cats don't dance (setting in 1930's) meets swan Princess.

For those of wewe that seen it, is it worth watching?
 A cute movie
A cute movie
I recently purchased the DVD for this movie and let me tell wewe that it was a pleasure to see a hand drawn animated film for a change instead of all this stupid 3D uhuishaji that Disney does now instead of what they are really good at. Here is my highs and lows of PATF.


Great animation

The relationship were cute and funny especially Tiana & Naveen’s relationship.

The muziki is jazzy although I don’t like jazz muziki whatsoever .

The plot was easy to follow

A funny movie


The villain was terrible (sorry guys but I hated the way he died it was pathetic).

The ending was a bit rushed.

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The Princess & the Frog tells the story about a hardworking waitress who dreams of opening up her own restaurant. Meanwhile a womanizing Prince named Naveen and his sidekick Lawerence meet a vodoo magician named Dr Facifier transforms Naveen into a frog and Lawerance as Naveen. At the ball Tiana dreams upon a nyota when suddenly Naveen convinces her to kiss him . But when she kisses him she changes into a frog........

Set in 1930s New Orleans ,PATF is an enjoyable musical comedy that makes wewe wanna wish upon a star.

If wewe like

swan Princess


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 Good flick PATF
Good flick PATF
wewe go on IMDB,,, and all wewe find is a bunch of pathetic growups- non-the less, arguing over the color of a Disney Princess. Who has come to make a milestone for not only happy little black girls but for white little girls as well. And not only for kids but for kids of all ages. I grew up in the 90's. I was born the mwaka The Little Mermaid came out. She has been my inayopendelewa princess ever since. It was a coincidence that my inayopendelewa Princess was the one I never saw in the theatre. Ariel is half-fish. I dont think I ever complained about her having the rear-end of...
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