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this was my real nitemare friday nite me and shadow were outside just looking into each others eyes.that was a good moment between us."Shade,theres something i need to ask ,will you- mehplies out of nowhere just was in between us."Do we really have to do this again" i said."Slience!" mehplies said."youre coming with me!" "o no shes not,choas- but shadow was to slow mehplies grabbed me -strong."Meplies i see youre a lot stronger but that cant save you. i tried to kick mehplies were the sun dont sine -but then he grabed my neck and stragged me."dont touch her"shadow said.shadow tried to puch him to but didnt work-he puched shadow and had him k.o."SH-SH-" thats all i could say before there was this blackness appread.2 HOURS LATER ....I THINK. i could hear voices like "do wewe have her,and lets do this"
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--Rebecca's home, Eastern Suburbia, Victoria, Australia.

--Shadow form.

I looked curiously down on the human male as he worked in the garage.

It was set out zaidi like a lounge than a garage; a T.V, a couch, and a Computer.

I was sitting on the translucent roof, wondering what it was this peson was doing.

He was on a small, red, rectanglular board with wheels, slid under his white Ford, a Ute, holding some kind of metal impliment in his right hand.

Rebecca had told me of this man; his name was Nick, and he amounted to her adoptive brother. She had alisema he was a real laugh to be with, and very nice....
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posted by LuciferTheDark
Lucifer the Dark

Nickname: Luck.
Species; Genetically altered Mobian African pygmy hedgehog-demon.
Name deprived from; link, god of hell, demon, Satan, devil, light-bearer, morning star, fallen angel.
Age: Unknown, ageless. Probably about 27 in the current timeline.

Theme Song: link

Lucifer was created as a back-up for the link, in case the original failed. In a way, wewe could say that this made Lucifer and Solaris ‘cousins’. Nicknamed ‘Project Lucifer’ after the after Satan, because of the Scientist’s unwillingness to work on two experiments at once. What the scientist’s didn’t count...
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70 ways to annoy Mephiles
1. Follow him around everywhere saying ‘Heyheyheyheyheyheyheyhey Meeeeeeephyyyyyyy?’
2. Act like Charmey Bee.
3. Tell Blaze that he killed Silver. He will be toast within the inayofuata five minutes.
4. Call him Mephy-Boy.
5. If wewe see him plotting to destroy the world, waggle your finger at him and say ‘That’s not very nice, Mephiles.’
6. Hit him on the… erm… make-believe nose if he says something evil.
7. Get ‘His World’ stuck in his head.
8. Get ‘Dreams of an Absolution’ stuck in his head.
9. Get ‘All hail Shadow’ stuck in his head.
10. Tell Sonic that...
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