I've been standing at my window, looking at were the faceless man stood, then vanished with a blink of the eye.
Who was this man? This phyco killer?
A knock came to my door. I jumped in fear, and closed the curtains, turning my back on the window.
"Come in!" my voice was shaking.
The door slowly opened; my hands shook in fear.
Then the door was opened all the way, a tall man in a thin black suit, red tie, white shirt, I smiled warmly at him.
I ran into his arms, and he hugged me tightly.
It was my father, not the faceless man who I'd seen outside.
"Hows my gem doin'?" he smiled.
I couldn't lie to my father, I never have. I sighed, and I told him everything.
The man in the woods.
How Anna & Melodys blood was all over his suit.
How he had no face.
How he was stalking me.
How he was coming after me...
My father was breathless after I was done explaining the story. His face full of fear, then he shook it off & said, "Emerald Dawn!" He rubbed my hair, making it messy. "Trying to scare daddy."
"Do wewe know who he is?" I asked, scatting my dads hand away.
"Talk to your mother."
His voice was cold & full of fear.
I'd never seen my father scared like this before, I'd never seen him scared.
How could this faceless man, take every emotion out of my father with me just describing his image?
Who is he...?

To be continued...