I slowly put the key into the lock, it went in, and I slowly turned it until I heard a click! and I opened the door slowly, a loud creeeek! following.
Light poured into the room from the window, and we all steeped inside.
We were breathless.
All over the walls, was papers coverd in black crayon, marker, au maybe Sharpie.
All of the drawings were the same.
All about The Slender Man.
I looked around. Everything was thrown around frantically.
On the ukuta infront of us was a drawing of a tower, and it was circled several times, it was drawn in red.
Right inayofuata to it, also written in red, were the words: "CAN wewe SEE IT?
I read it aloud, & Sol & my father saw it too.
"My God..." my father was breathless.
A paper was on the dawati behind us. I picked it up.
"A map..."
Sol looked over my shoulder.
"It looks like a map to the tower." Sol said, breathing on my neck.
I pushed him away, & looked at it.
Why would this be here?
Did Kate know if someone came all the way out here, they'd stumble into her house, & see all of this chaos...?
What was going on...?
To be continued...