That horrible feeling.
The feeling when wewe know your being watched.
"C'mon Sol, lets go."
I stood, slipping the straps of my backpack around my arms, still holding onto the sandwich, sandwichi and half-empty water bottle.
"Emerald," he whined. "but I'm not finished!"
I look back st him with an annoyed look on my face.
"You can eat it while we're walking, lets go! Now!"
Sol could hear the pleading and the fear in my voice.
I wanted to leave.
I wanted to go home.
But I couldn't.
Sol had finished eating and stood up, his lught-tan skin some-what shining in the sun from his sweat.
He glances over at me, and puts on a cocky smile.
"You like what wewe see, sweetheart?"
"Since when am I your sweetheart?"
I give him a discusted look.
"If wewe think I'm in to you, think again."
After that, there was nothing but a long, awkward silence between us.
I hoped my Father knew that that was a lie.
To be continued...