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I did a countdown So I could eliminate all the cheaters. I even alisema I was going to not include people who cheat but people still tried to do it. So I took out about 6 accounts that were fake. So here is the juu ten. They are not in any order. Beside each character there is a number. The number is how many kura that character had.


It was obvious the nyota of the onyesha would be in the juu 10. She was on the majority of people's list. She is not one of my favorie character's but I get why people adore her.


I did not expect him to make the juu 10, but he did. He did come in last place though. I like Jeremy as well as others on this spot. He does not have that many mashabiki here but he did just come back to mystic falls, he will probably gain zaidi mashabiki soon. As long as he gets zaidi screen time.


I was not surprised to see him in the juu 10 but I was surprised to see him with so many votes. I like Elijah. He has the bad boy appeal but then he is kind to Elena at times. Also it helps that he is good-looking.


Huge number for Katherine. I knew she would be really high in the juu 10, but I did not expect that many people to have her on their list. I have realized that us Fanpopper's upendo the bad boys/girls. They do make it interesting.


Stefan has a lot of mashabiki and a lot of haters. But I like him, especially since he went all crazy/evil.


Again, I can not believe she has that many votes. Most people like her but are not in upendo with her. I upendo her! Also no one seems to absolutly hate her, which is why she got so high up on the list, I think.


One of our Favorites. She is pretty,smart,bubbly,and has guys falling all over the place for her. What's not to love.

Alaric- 29

I upendo him as well. He is kind of like Rebekah, no one hates him, we are just mutual on him. He does have an interesting story line now though!

 upendo it!!!!!!
Love it!!!!!!


He is Loved and he is Hated. I upendo him!!! Evil,Hott,Smart,BadA**, the only reason I watch the show. People find him interesting au just useless. But the majority of use like him a little at least. au are crazy about him(me)!


We all knew this was going to happen. I loved him in season 1! But now he is too soft for me. But I understand why he is so loved. Hot,Funny,Loving,Hot,Crazy,and it helps that he is in upendo with the main character.
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