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After Founder’s Day
Chapter 1
Elena’s POV
    The night got colder as I walked further away from the Founder’s siku party. Just a few zaidi steps and I’ll be at the school.
    I reached the school’s front door but when I tried to open them but they wouldn’t budge. I gave up and sighed. I crossed my arm’s trying to keep warm. Looking around trying to find another way in, though the only way I knew of was the doors in the back of the school.
    I slowly walked my self to the back doors. I grabbed the frost bitten door handle and pulled it open. Once I walked inside I could feel the warmth soaking into my body. I stood there for a few sekunde and stared down the hall towards the girls’ locker room.
    The hall’s were dark and there very few lights on if there were any they were just a few class rooms. The school was quiet really quiet. I never thought it was possible for a school to be too silent. I started walking fast kwa every step. All I wanted to do was get my Founder’s siku dress and got home.
    I entered the girl’s locker room. I flicked the light switch on but the dark staid. Tonight just wasn’t going as planed.
I walked to the back of the room and went down the isle looking at the name tags on the bag. I reached the end and turned back around. My dress was gone. Aunt Jenna must have picked it up.
I grabbed my cell phone out of my front pant pocket and dialed Aunt Jenna’s number. The phone range a few time before Aunt Jenna picked up.
“Hello, its Jenna.” She alisema tiredly. “It’s Elena; did wewe kwa chance pick up my Founder’s siku dress?” “No, why?” I shook my head and took a deep breath. “I looked threw the dresses and I didn’t see it I must have missed it. I’ll be nyumbani once I find it.” “Okay.” And Aunt Jenna hung up.
I threw my phone back in my pocket and went threw all the dress again. Maybe someone moved it.

Damon’s POV
I don’t know what’s happening to me. There was no reason for me come to Jeremy and tell him that I laid there watching Anna die and didn’t do anything. This has to be Elena; he spirit is to kind it has to be seeping into me.
I walked humanly down the stairs. I opened the door to find Elena walking up the front step holding her dress. “What are wewe doing here?” Elena asked surprised. I shut the front door not wanting to look into her eyes. “Failed and fabled attempt at doing the right thing.” I alisema looking down. “Which was?” Elena asked. I shook my head slightly. “It’s not important; let me take these for you?” I alisema taking her belongings out of her hands and placing them down on the porch table. “Thank you.” she alisema softly.
“You know I came into this town to destroy it… tonight I found myself wanting to protect it. How does that happen?” It was easy to tell Elena everything, it just falls out. Elena looked as if she was trying to come up with something to say but there wasn’t anything to say. “I’m not a hero Elena, I don’t do good, it’s not in me.” I alisema staring at the ground.
“Maybe it is.” I shook my head. “No, it’s reserved for my brother, wewe and bonnie even though she has every reason to hate me, still she helped Stefan save me.” “Why do wewe sound so surprised?” I could fell myself drifting away. “Cause she did it for you.” I found my self walk towards Elena. “Which means somewhere along the way wewe decided I was worth saving. I wanted to thank you… for that.” it was hard to choke out but with it being Elena I thanked I found it easier. “Your welcome.” Elena smiled a small smile at me while her eyes shined.
I kissed her cheek slowly and backed. Something inside of me just pulled me closer to her. I was staring so hard into her eyes they were just too beautiful for words. I promised Stefan that history would not repeat it’s self and the only reason I promised him was for Elena. But she was leaning bits closer to me. Slowly I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. I didn’t expect her to kiss me back but she did. Then she kissed me again, and again. She wrapped her hands around me as I gently held her face. It felt so good to kiss her, her lips were so soft. They felt familiar but yet far away. The last time I had au any one ells had kissed me with this much passion what when I thought Katherine was in upendo with me.
I was regretting what I was doing too much I wanted her to stop. But she didn’t I knew Stefan would eventually find out. Then the door opened. Jenna was standing in the door way looked shocked but furious at the same time.
“Hi” Elena alisema the Jenna with no feeling. “It’s late wewe should probably come inside.” Jenna told Elena flatly. I knew she was looking at me I could feel her gaze. Elena looked back at me to say good night but just turned away and grabbed her things. Jenna looked as if she was going to stake me. I knew she preferred Stefan over me.
Elena walked inside and Jenna shut the door with out a word. I stood on the deck asking my self why I had done such a stupid thing. I knew Elena and she would call Stefan and apologize she didn’t mean to do it all that. I needed to leave Mystic falls.

Elena’s POV
“I looked every where, someone defiantly took my stuff.” It alisema to Stefan. “Well it will have to turn up eventually.” Stefan alisema over the phone. He was right maybe someone ells took it thinking it was there's.
“I have to check on Jeremy before I have to go to the hospital. Can wewe meet me there?” I asked. “Sure.” I knew he was smiling over the phone. I smiled back even though I knew he couldn’t see it. “Okay, I upendo wewe Stefan.” “I upendo wewe too Elena.” Stefan hung up the phone. I did the same.
I walked inside shutting and locking the front door. I took a long breath. Today was just to much. I almost Lost Damon and Stefan because my Uncle hunts vampires. I shook my head and called up to Jeremy “Jeremy, wewe up?” I shouted from the bottom of the staircase. He didn’t answer. I was going to walk up to him but I heard a glass fall over in the kitchen. I stepped away from the stairs and walked towards the kitchen. Know one was there.
I saw some of the shattered glass over on the other side of the island. I knew that it would sit there all night if I didn't pick it up and some one would step on it and we really don't need any zaidi blood shed. I walked over to it and saw a little bit of blood sliding down the floor. I ran to the other side and I saw Uncle John lying there.
I rushed over to him. His moyo had stopped and a kisu was stabbed right in his heart. I went to grab the phone on the counter when I got up I saw that on his right hand four of his fingers had been cut right off. That’s probably were most of the blood was coming from.
Wouldn't he have made some type of noise it looks pretty painful. I had just called Aunt Jenna a few dakika zamani she wouldn't have left the house so she should have heard it Unless it was a vampire they tend to do things quick and quietly. Once I snapped back into reality I picked up the phone and started to dial 911.
"You must be Elena, I've heard so much about you. You're the one that holds my two boys hearts. wewe do realize that your killing both of them. I mean Stefan knows that wewe have feelings for Damon and of course every one knows that your dating Stefan, do wewe really want to do exactly what I did?" I slowly turned around to find Katherine leaning up against the living room and jikoni ukuta smiling. I dropped the phone as her face started to change and he smile grew longer. "I'm Katherine."
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